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Raiding the storeroom

AEG has dropped another announcement that annoyed some of us l5r players. After Gate of Chaos expansion, which releases soon, there will be another expansion in nov/dec namely Aftermath. I was like wtf. Another expansion? Where’s the base set dudes?

Most of us are really waiting for Ivory Edition and if it takes too long, some will migrate to other games like namely MTG. The problem with games with once a year tourney scene locally is the lull/downtime/quiet time that follows a post-kotei season.

I wonder if the expansion name is a foretelling of l5r local scene.

Talking about the Gates of Chaos releasing soon, it becomes obvious from this that the base force for non-unique dudes, is 3F averagely. So looks like they are lowering the force? But being a dual bugged set, it’s hard to say for sure.

Also, if they run non-standard games, I wonder how they will treat the gold cost of peeps, seems like a lot expensive now.

Chase rare from the Gates of Chaos Expansion? Productive Mine. Deal with it. You need at least 2x playsets if you’re building a minimum of 2 decks for Ivory Edition.

Productive Mine, a 4g that produces 4gold solid. With Kharmic traits.

Productive Mine, a 4g that produces 4gold solid. With Kharmic traits.


Among all the other rares available in the set, this card is the one card that all decks need in Ivory Edition. I dont understand the logic of printing this type of card in expansion, where this card should really be printed in base set due to its stapleness…..

In other news,

It’s time for stock take as usual. I have been cleaning up the house and get rid of my excess cards and organised my old cards… like Harry potter ccg, initial d ccg, Duel Masters, a bunch of old Pokemon cards… (which i gave to junior to learn to read), organise mtg cards by colour and a bunch of other stuffs.

I got rid of Netrunner… while the game is good, having not enough people to play with and since i need to drop a ccg/lcg, netrunner gets the short end of the stick. If somehow the game gets more popular somehow, I might regret dropping it early.

But then again, maybe not.

I passed some of my excess Initial D cards to Lit.sensei… I got some of the starters for cheaps so i passed some spares to makes decent decks. This game should be fun for the giggles.

Post house cleanup, so what decks do I have with me in the car at all times?

L5R – Imperial JEK Honor

WS – Madoka Magica Trial Deck (Eng)

WS – Fate Zero Trial Deck (Eng)

WS – Asuka Pilot (Jap version)

MTG – Modern Red Burn

MTG – Modern Infect

CF – Bermuda Triangle Random Cheap deck (Eng)

CF – Bermuda Triangle Rivierre Deck (Eng)

Initial D – Mako Sil 80 Tactical Turn Deck

SW LCG – Imperial Hoth deck / Rebel Space Fleet deck

And… having sorted some of my old stuff… I’m unsure what to do with my harry potter ccg and Duel Masters……. sigh..


Oh well, might as well. Shaping the Anarch

Here’s what happens when Kate hangs out with Noise too much:

Shaper (Kate McCaffrey)

Cyberfeeder x3
Spinal Modem x2
The Toolbox x2
Rabbit Hole x3

Aesop’s Pawnshop x2
The Helpful AI x3

Modded x3
Tinkering x3
Diesel x3
The Maker’s Eye x3
Sure Gamble x3
Infiltration x2

Magnum Opus x3
Battering Ram x3
Gordian Blade x2
pipeline x3
ZU.13 Key Master x2

It’s meant to be as flexible as possible by trying to hit all sides at once. Credit generation is fast to allow for a sudden spurt towards your target.

Edit: Actually, I posted the deck earlier with an unhealthy mixture of lack of sleep and fatigue. What the deck REALLY does is taking the concept of running for free from the Anarchs and mixing it with the Shaper’s flexibility in handling multiple types of ice. The amount of links could’ve been much more, but an instant jump with the Rabbit Holes should suffice.

You’ll bump into one of the consoles sooner or later and there are a few buffers that you can feed it to Aesop. You’ll especially want to trash Spinal Modem to Aesop once you have a good amount of cash and The Toolbox in your hand.

A bit event happy but I like it. Especially when those Cyberfeeders are on the board.

Netrunner first noob deck! NBN plays tag

I think this is the downgrade version of the NBN Tag and Bag deck. It’s money heavy for one, but it accelerates fast with the sole intent of getting the runner flatlined as fast as possible.

NBN: Making News (45 cards)

Agendas (20 points):
AstroScript Pilot Program x1
Breaking News x3
Private Security Force x3
Restructured Datapool x3

Melange Mining Corp x2
Pad Campaign x3

Red Herring x3

Anonymous Tip x3
Closed Accounts x3
Hedge Fund x3
Scorched Earth x3 (other less exciting alternatives would be Snare and Project Junebug)
Beanstalk Royalties x3

Tollbooth x3
Raven x3
TMI x3 (perhaps Hunter/Draco would be more in theme here though)
Matrix Analyzer x3

Too straightforward? Perhaps. The initial version runs Snares and Adonis Campaign and SanSan City Grid, but they slow down the deck by quite a bit (enough to lose, apparently). The general idea is to:

a) Score Restructured Datapool/Breaking News

b) Kill with Private Security Force or Scorched Earth.

I’m partial to use Beanstalk Royalties because of the fast turnover. The Pad Campaign and Melange Mining Corp is cheap enough for a quick turnaround that I don’t mind them that much.

I tend to use the Anonymous Tip aggressively, but hey, when you need to fish fast….

Deep dive into the Net

Initially I got the Netrunner on sharing basis via core deck with L.Sensei. We split faction cards between us and take/split some of the generic cards. After we tried to deck build though, its’ obvious to us that splitting core set is not good enough.  

The division is as such: –

Wayland Corp – Me
Jintaki – Me
Haas-Bio – L.Sensei
NBN – L.Sensei

Chaos – Me
Shaper – L. Sensei
Criminal – Ransacked split between both

We were both unable to play until much later when we got another set. So now we are a lot better off than before. I’ve still haven’t gotten around to building deck though. Will probably do so once I get my hands on the new expansion.

Will probably update a deck list here soon enough, in a few days time.