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May 2014 Updates

L5R malaysia Kotei is only few days away.

I’ve been out of l5r for awhile, as Phoenix is not exactly stellar and not performing too well. That fits fine for me as I take some vacation time away by focusing on family for awhile. No new gaming front from me today except for four things.

1) Diablo 3 – Reaper of Souls

Back in Diablo 3. Thanks to recent Reaper of Souls and the now dead Auction House.

The changes make it worth playing again. Grind is now a must since you have to focus on finding the equipment you want and need. I took my time to level up all the characters to level 70. 4 down so far, Monk was the first to reach 70, followed by Wizard then Crusader and latest is Demon Hunter. what’s left at 62 for now is Barbarian and Witch Doctor. I initially didn’t want to spend time levelling Crusader, but a high leveled friend assisted and that shot up my Crusader from level 1 to level 65 in 2 hours. How? First you create a level crusader with Torment 6. Then your high powered friend steamrolled through and you gain massive xp. Lvl 70 in 2-3 hours tops

Crusader is now my most strongest character but needs more loot/work. Definitely can sustain herself in torment 2 but dps is quite low, so it takes awhile to kill an elite. This game will probably last me at least a few more months thanks to my OCD trying to fully equip my characters.

2) Weiss Schwarz Sword Art Online Vol2 English

Returned to Weiss Schwarz last week after managed to split the box. I take Asuna (Yellow) and Kirito (Blue) while my friend took Sugu/Leyfa (Green) and the other girl, (Red). THe set is in english, so that’s a plus. We opened three boxes and that gives us most cards but we’re short by a few RR and R. Will probably source singles for those. The game is still simple enough if you’re not competitive about it and i probably will not be competitive about this game. There’s just too much luck involved.

Playing casually makes it great though. Good for the lols. And so much Asuna.

3) Star Realms (

This is a very good deck building game. If you’ve played Dominion, Star trek deck building game and various stuff, this should be a familiar ground. The exception is that the game is build with MTG in mind. While you can’t quite interrupt opponent’s action via instance speed cards, there enough life gain, combo and direct damage in the game to play with. Winning objective is to reduce opponent’s life to 0. A fairly cheaply priced game, I think around USD16.99 and it’s highly addictive. Friendships have been ruined during the course of the game. 🙂 I recommend this game a lot.

4) Eve Online

Yeah. Somehow or rather i got back into eve. There are various changes from 2 years ago that it seems like almost a new game. Interface changes, new ships. Exhumer/Mining Barges reconfiguration that I almost couldn’t recognise them. Hulk is no longer the most tankier of the exhumers.

Industry changes is coming in summer. I like the new Sister of Eve ships as well, Nestor and Stratios. Exploration has been greatly simplified and it makes easier.

A lot of interesting changes but the main reason for me is that we now have more guys to play the game with. The thing about MMORPG is the community. If you play solo, then there are better things to do frankly.

So have fun. For those attending kotei 2014. All the best.


Raiding the storeroom

AEG has dropped another announcement that annoyed some of us l5r players. After Gate of Chaos expansion, which releases soon, there will be another expansion in nov/dec namely Aftermath. I was like wtf. Another expansion? Where’s the base set dudes?

Most of us are really waiting for Ivory Edition and if it takes too long, some will migrate to other games like namely MTG. The problem with games with once a year tourney scene locally is the lull/downtime/quiet time that follows a post-kotei season.

I wonder if the expansion name is a foretelling of l5r local scene.

Talking about the Gates of Chaos releasing soon, it becomes obvious from this that the base force for non-unique dudes, is 3F averagely. So looks like they are lowering the force? But being a dual bugged set, it’s hard to say for sure.

Also, if they run non-standard games, I wonder how they will treat the gold cost of peeps, seems like a lot expensive now.

Chase rare from the Gates of Chaos Expansion? Productive Mine. Deal with it. You need at least 2x playsets if you’re building a minimum of 2 decks for Ivory Edition.

Productive Mine, a 4g that produces 4gold solid. With Kharmic traits.

Productive Mine, a 4g that produces 4gold solid. With Kharmic traits.


Among all the other rares available in the set, this card is the one card that all decks need in Ivory Edition. I dont understand the logic of printing this type of card in expansion, where this card should really be printed in base set due to its stapleness…..

In other news,

It’s time for stock take as usual. I have been cleaning up the house and get rid of my excess cards and organised my old cards… like Harry potter ccg, initial d ccg, Duel Masters, a bunch of old Pokemon cards… (which i gave to junior to learn to read), organise mtg cards by colour and a bunch of other stuffs.

I got rid of Netrunner… while the game is good, having not enough people to play with and since i need to drop a ccg/lcg, netrunner gets the short end of the stick. If somehow the game gets more popular somehow, I might regret dropping it early.

But then again, maybe not.

I passed some of my excess Initial D cards to Lit.sensei… I got some of the starters for cheaps so i passed some spares to makes decent decks. This game should be fun for the giggles.

Post house cleanup, so what decks do I have with me in the car at all times?

L5R – Imperial JEK Honor

WS – Madoka Magica Trial Deck (Eng)

WS – Fate Zero Trial Deck (Eng)

WS – Asuka Pilot (Jap version)

MTG – Modern Red Burn

MTG – Modern Infect

CF – Bermuda Triangle Random Cheap deck (Eng)

CF – Bermuda Triangle Rivierre Deck (Eng)

Initial D – Mako Sil 80 Tactical Turn Deck

SW LCG – Imperial Hoth deck / Rebel Space Fleet deck

And… having sorted some of my old stuff… I’m unsure what to do with my harry potter ccg and Duel Masters……. sigh..

SAO English

It released a little over two weeks ago. For the first time I can sink into my favourite series without referring to the web for every single card and memorize them. SAO is a weird duck, even if you have full playsets of every card, you’ll still make a cross colour deck with minimal maximum copies. This is both confusing and refreshing at the same time. There seems to be focus, but each colour has about 2-3 distinct differences and literally begs to be paired up with another colour.


So far I got almost every card except for Lightning Flash Asuna. Got two copies of Asuna Invites to Party instead (which,  by itself, a very good card as well). The most duds that you can visibly see is Green, but I wouldn’t dismiss it yet. I’m pretty sure there’s an awesome deck waiting for Leafa/Suguha to be part of. Red gets a big boost by having part of Green’s card share it seems. Anyway, here’s the featured characters and their colours:

Yellow: Major Character: Asuna. Minor Character: Heathcliff, Kuradeel

Green: Major Character: Suguha/Leafa. Minor Character: Recon

Red: Major Character: Silica (a LOT of Silica), Lisbeth. Minor Character: Pina

Blue: Major Character: Kirito, Yui. Minor Character: Agil, Klein

Kirito’s card pool seems to be having a more supportive role than the main, especially backing up Asuna. Best character of the lot falls to she who was featured in only 1 episode, Silica. With Pina providing her Level 3 card a pseudo Encore of sorts, and multiple ways to retrieve Pina to your hand, she’s just insane. Her prices are quite a decent online as well. Out of the other major characters, Silica seems to have the best support and framework to get a deck solely featuring her alone easy to build and play.

Next up will be Fate Zero english booster. I don’t think I’ll be jumping into that, since SAO will probably take a lot of my cash for the foreseeable short future. I doubt I’ll go all the way to get 4 copies of every card, but I’ll hit enough that I can make a decent deck that I will want to play often without changing it up too many times.

Addendum: Errata: For Pina’s Heart, instead of search for a card with Pina in its name, it’s search for a character with Pina in its name. Just so you know. The reprints of this set will have the correct text.

Weiss Army

I still enjoy a game of Weiss Schwarz here and there. The game is simple enough to pick up, takes a bit to master but I love the fact that it uses my favourite anime although it doesn’t potray them too well. I mean, certain main character is sidelined in the card game because unfortunately, games require more… female presence than male once.

It’s a fun game anyway.

I had a flash of inspiration yesterday to build an army deck. Basically, an army deck (for those who don’t know) involves a deck that bends the rule a bit. Most decks will have quantity limitation of 3 / 4 per deck. In Weiss Schwarz and MTG, the limit is 4. But army cards, have a trait built-in the cards to state the number of copies you can put in the deck, is unlimited. If you’re familiar with VS system, it would be the Sentinel deck, one of the more famous army decks or Batman / GPCD deck.

In Weiss, a few anime can support this. I have one army deck from Macross Frontier which consist of Vajras. So I was itchy to build another one.

So far, the candidates are:

1)       Prinnies from Disgaea

2)       Noise from Symphogear

3)       Assassin from Fate Zero EP

I’m sure there are more… but running through a list of a lot anime is daunting when you have to keep referring to translation. And it seems that a translation of you can put any number of this cards can literally be translated in many forms, such as unlimited number, no limitation, as many number….. urgh…

Anyway, I will put up a decklist later. Finding the physical cards though… is another story… due to the main issue is actually finding the cards. Even if they are common/uncommons, they are still a pain to hunt down. Especially the older series such as Disgaea… which is almost extinct.

Decklist first then….. next post.

WS: A habit that might cost you the game

I’ve been playing Weiss Schwarz for a while now and I noticed that while the deck design is a key component to win a game, it is not the deciding factor. The game heavily relies on the player mentality that’s running the deck as well as habits. It’s kinda like poker, where you play the player, not the deck, but not quite.

One of these habits is how you stack your Climaxes when they hit the Waiting Room.

We often want to keep track how many Climax cards are in the Waiting Room, whether it’d be for ourselves or for our opponents. The number dictates whether we’re ready to launch that heavy soul attack or not. But one thing I noticed is that by stacking Climaxes, the next Refresh is going to be problematic. Most players reinsert the Climax as evenly as possible before shuffling them back, but there is one courtesy that will screw this up: opponent cutting the deck.

When an opponent cuts a deck of somewhat evenly spaced Climaxes, what normally happens is two things:

a) Clumping of two Climaxes

or worse:

b) A huge gap between two Climax cards.

For the first scenario, it’s only bad if you’re going to draw them after Clocking. That’ll eventually lead to scenario (b). The second one is worse because that gap will be your damage if our opponent is smart and not dealing huge amounts of soul damage in one go.

Not to say that leaving your Climax cards as they are will eradicate this problem, but with proper shuffling tech, these potential mistakes could be minimized.

Is this 100% accurate? Is there a more scientific explanation to this post? Nope. But it happens often enough in my observations that it gets me wondering about it.

Single box madness (WS, Fate Stay/Night)

Sometimes, a single box of WS can net you the most random deck you’ve ever built, yet everything fits. There’s no colour restrictions, no theme other than I want everything under ‘s groove and feel that makes it unique. Bought more rares and packs but they don’t fit the deck, those better cards broke it. So here’s the deck that kinda got me tickled. It’s fast, it’s a glass cannon. And it has every class except Caster (maybe I should change something to include the ol’ girl).

“Fuyuki City”

FS/S03-099 CC : Winter Forest x2
FS/S03-023 CR : Golden Goodbye x1
FS/S03-074 CC : Parting Words x2
FS/S03-024 CC : Sword of Promised Victory x2
FS/S03-048 CR : Happy, Sakura? x1

Level 0
FS/S03-003 R : Demon Instructor Saber x1
FS/S03-014 C : Ryuudou Issei x1
FS/S03-012 C : Out of the Bath Saber x2
FS/S03-054 R : Guy with a Lack of Devotion Archer x1
FS/S03-058 U : Rin and Shirou x1
FS/S03-064 C : Crimson Knight Archer x2
FS/S03-078 R : Illyasviel von Einzbern x1
FS/S03-087 C : Number One Disciple x2
FS/S03-033 U : Cavalry Swiftness Rider x2
FS/S03-039 C : Sera x2
FS/S03-040 C : Leysritt x2

Level 1

FS/S03-015 C : Fully Powered Heroic Spirit Saber x3
FS/S03-016 C : Illya & Shirou x2
FS/S03-066 C : Saber Alter x3
FS/S03-080 R : Brutal Child Illya x1

Level 2
FS/S03-036 U : Crimson Death Lancer x1
FS/S03-027 RR : Legendary Heroic Spirit Beserker x1
FS/S03-069 R : Rho Ais x1
FS/S03-071 U : Zelretch’s Gem Sword x1
FS/S03-052 RR : “Dark Holy Sword” Saber x1
FS/S03-068 U : Black Holy Grail Sakura x2
FS/S03-077 RR : The Little Holy Grail Illya x1
FS/S03-002 RR : King of Knights Saber x1
FS/S03-004 R : Most Ancient King Gilgamesh x1
FS/S03-018 C : Bearer of the Holy Sword Saber x2

Level 3
FS/S03-061 U : Rin and Archer x1
FS/S03-006 R : Shirou and Saber x1
FS/S03-094 R : Buddy Trio x1
FS/S03-086 U : Illya and Berserker x1

Very simple deck. Discard according to what’s in your hand, play the curve, and hit those +2 soul climax cards with a vengeance when they show up 🙂

But that’s the easy version. The deck is riddled with simple cards that provide adequate power as well as some situational cards that can turn the tables in your favour at the right time. The core philosophy of this deck is to move freely like a river and strike hard like a waterfall. By right, you shouldn’t have any problems getting the correct colour into your level/clock to play your hand.

Be warned though that this deck drains your hand FAST, often driving your Encore bonuses down to none. But if you’re careful with how you play your cards, you can conserve your people on the table long enough to sustain a healthy hand count (healthy as in more than 1).

Just something to share from opening one box. What can you build with one box? Share it here by replying in the comments and we’ll test it out to see if it rocks or not 😉

Expensive month for gaming, Jan 2012

Happy new year, 2012! Hopefully the whole mayan calendar thing is a joke and we live to see further than 2013.

Looking up in the gaming front, January 2012 is a heavy month of purchase for me.

This list is based on release date, but I assume some products takes time to arrive due to shipping and all that.

Jan 8th – Dystopian Wars CoA – Time Dilation Orb (Waterlined Version)
Jan 15th – Weiss Schwarz – Fairy Tail Extra Pack Boosters (Need around 4-6 boxes)
Jan 22nd – L5R Emperor Edition Pre-release Starter (1 starter and 2 boosters)
Jan 27th – Dystopian Wars CoA – Sky Fortress (1-2 models)
Jan 28th – Magic the Gathering – Dark ascension prerelease

Weekly purchase? Damn… This will definitely be an expensive month… and this doesn’t include upkeep maintenance of other gaming…

A can full of Vajras

The last time i had a game of weiss schwarz was quite a long while ago. And I must admit, the low season of L5R has hit hard.. nothing in the last 2-3 months has really made most of us almost die of boredom.

I relook into some of my other CCG and decided to visit Weiss Schwarz again.

Armed with Little Sensei’s spares of Macross Frontier, I decided to build a fun deck. Not knowing the entire cardpool of Weiss Schwarz for Macross Frontier, I called up the visual spoilers of Littleakiba.

Running through the spoiler, it dawned upon me, a very interesting weiss schwarz deck.. although… when i ran by LIttle Sensei, he said the deck has been around.. the barrier to building the deck is mainly getting 14 to 16 copies of the same common and another uncommon. Shows sometimes that what you think would be unique, seems quite obvious sometimes.

But I got lucky, scouring around for few days, i managed to get all the cards i needed.

The deck has no rares.. so here it is.

16x MF/S13-040 Vajra (Lesser)
14x MF/S13-034 Vajra (Greater)
4x MF/S13-044 Super Dimensional Cinderella Ranka Lee
4x MF/S13-039 Ai-kun
4x MF/S13-036 Vajra Queen
4x MF/S13-049 Aimo
4x MF/S13-050 Rainbow-Colored Kuma Kuma

The deck is void of rares. The deck is not that complicated to pilot, but there’s a certain strategy that you need to ensure runs. The main objective is to keep your stock up, tutor/fetch a vajra or two every turn, and hit heavy to clear board every turn. The deck lacks soul power punch, hence the need for the climax. Ranka is just there to fetch more vajras. Vomit vajra everyturn and swing. Reaching level 2, pull out vajra queen as the fifth vajra on board to boost everyone for additional 6k, more than enough to wipe board on 2nd level.

On defensive, expect your people to die like flies, so keeping stock high is to ensure that you can bring back more great vajras by paying 2 stock for every death.

A fun deck to play. Some say it’s competitive and some say its not. I know I have fun with it. Although I should get back to doing my Eva and Fairy Tail deck.

WS Macross Frontier pure red deck not possible… or is it?

So I made a deck that often got the unfair labeling of “the deck that’ll never work well”. If an Alto-centric red based deck. It’s not easy and it uses only 8 cards to pummel your opponent to death with, the other cards are just for setup to make this happen. Play it right, and you’re going to get 3 level 3 cards during level 2. Even if you don’t play it right, you’ll end your game with 3 level 3 cards in front regardless.

Here’s the deck, Two-timing Alto:


MF/S13-073 CR Wings of Goodbye x4

MF/S13-075 CC Lion x4

Level 0:

MF/S13-066 C Approaching Her Feelings Monica x3

MF/S13-059 U Canaria Berstein x3

MF/S13-058 U Goth Loli Trap Alto x3 (or Chibi Alto, both serve the same purpose).

MF/S13-064 C Mayan Island Alto x3

MF/S13-067 C Being Toyed by Sheryl Alto x4

Level 1:

MF/S13-053 R Point Blank Distance Alto & Ranka x4

MF/S13-054 R Escaping From the Vajra Alto & Sheryl x4

MF/S13-061 U VB-6 Koenig Monster (Canaria Type) x4

Level 2:

MF/S13-055 R Pilot’s Pride Alto x4

MF/S13-062 U Triangular Conclusion Alto x4 (a.k.a T.C. Alto)

MF/S13-071 U Escape From Alcatraz x2

Level 3:

MF/S13-057s/r R Triangular Alto x4 (a.k.a Tri Alto)

The big winners in this deck are Canaria, T.C. Alto and Tri Alto. The rest simply make the transition so that T.C. Alto and Tri Alto can work together. Canaria does a wonderful job of milling your deck for Tri Alto’s, which is what T.C. Alto needs. The fact that she can return guys to your hand (usually this is Pilot’s Pride Alto) is a big bonus.

I don’t think the deck is that hard to play, but you have to make calls on when NOT to use special triggers. This deck relies on you keeping track of your deck size so you don’t shuffle and refresh prematurely.

Yes, I know the amount of rares are staggering. There’s like, what? 20 rares there? But the only rares you REALLY need are the Level 3’s and Wings of Goodbye. Canaria, her Monster and T.C Alto are much needed uncommons. The rest are gravy and it really doesn’t matter what you put inside. You can even splash other colours in place of Level 1’s and most of Level 0’s if you want, but keep in mind that your Level 0’s need to be somewhat able to tough out a bit.

So that’s my two cents on MF’s pure Red deck. I can think of another variant with mechas but the big problem is that all mechas are Level 2, with the exception of VF-27 Lucifer and the VB-6 Monster being Level 1.

Deckbuilding on a shoestring: WS Macross Frontier

If you, like me, only have enough to buy one measly box and maybe a couple more boosters, fear not! You can still make a working WS deck that flows really well. All it takes is a basic understanding how WS works. And you have to get rid of the notion of “my deck can only be made from 2 colours or it’ll suck!”

Chances are from one box, you’re not going to get complete play sets of every card and your rares are most likely in 1’s or at most 2 copies. So what do you do? How are you supposed to build a kick-ass deck from 20 boosters? Here are a few things that I found out about the game while fumbling over the cards and the translation website:

#1: Pick a theme.
A workable deck has a central theme. In WS, this is more important than you think. A theme can be anything, it can be a working around a specific keyword, a single colour, or even a particular effect. In my case, I wanted a deck that focuses on mecha. Most of them come from Blue and Red so those two will be my primary colours.

#2: Know how colours work.
You know that you need at least one card of the same colour in your level slot or the clock to come out with something with Level 1 or higher. That being said, there’s nothing stopping you from splashing other colours into the level 0 slot, because level 0’s don’t have colour requirements. You want that level 0 RR inside your deck? No problem. It doesn’t have to follow the majority of your colours.

Based on this as well, your Level 1 and above is highly reliant on your level 0 selection. You need to ratio your odds in having a particular colour available in higher levels and put a reliable number of level 0’s as your base to launch the card. I find that 6 is a good number to splash another colour at a higher level.

#3: Know how colours work… in Climaxes. And using them.
Let’s face it, other than clocking or having a bad Refresh, your Climax cards will never even hit the clock. So what does that tell you? You don’t have to conform to any single colour when choosing your Climax cards. 90% The colour of your climax cards doesn’t matter. What matter in choosing Climaxes however:

a) What does the Climax do?
b) Is there a high number of your cards that rely on a certain Climax to trigger awesome abilities?

I’m hazarding that your Climax triggers don’t matter much as well. You’re more likely to actively put down a Climax card than hoping for a trigger that will help you save the day. I’m pretty sure you’re happy if a Climax shows up while you’re taking damage instead, in which case, the triggers don’t matter as well. It’s also a good idea to choose Climaxes that fit what the rest of your deck are doing.

i.e: You might find yourself building a deck with a lot of discard character Encores
from hand or focuses on counter punches a lot. The problem is you need to have a usable hand while maintaining your steady drop of characters on the table (most of them have a life expectancy of one turn).

In that case, run Climaxes which put cards in your hands, like Obelisk and Macross Attack (or any of your series equivalent). While you can include Climaxes with the book symbol, it doesn’t reliably give you the ability to draw when you want it.

In my case, I’m running a deck that has a lot of activated actions using stock costs. So I stuff my climaxes with the “put top card to stock, all characters +1 soul” kind, regardless of colour or name. I just want my stock to be full as fast as possible so my level 2 mechas can come out unhindered.

#4: Level ratio
There’s no good way to do this, but since all of the mechas on Mac F are level 2 (well, except one, but that one sucks), my level 2 ratio is quite fat. Do remember that having a large base of level 0 is not a bad idea. Having a healthy number of level 1’s makes mid-game control a lot more easier. But you should always test and build your decks to fit these two conditions:

a) You can always bring out the cards in your hand onto the table every turn.
b) Your Stock can always support your cards in hand every turn, making every card playable.

I find my deck to be lacking in stock generation at first, that where Climax selection becomes important. Now my stock is always enough for me to activate character abilities (some of them require 4 costs to work) and buy a slew of level 2’s when I need them.

I’ll post what I came up with next time, since I need to find out what some card titles mean :p