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Doomed Town and a Game of Hearthrones.

It’s been months (definitely felt like years) since my last update. The reason I returned for today was the news that Doomtown Reloaded is being cut loose.

Seriously AEG? That’s the second game in recent they abandoned. I understand that people have been saying that AEG is moving away from card games and moving in another direction as a board games business. Well, I wont begrudge their business decision I suppose, but I hardly play much board game, so adios AEG and good luck on your new venture.

I will probably catch up on all the Doomtown reloaded I missed since Dec 2015, but shouldnt be too many and with the game closure, I probably can get it cheaper. Just going to complete the collection and shove it to one corner of the room for memories of the good times…. Unlike most of my L5R cards which I have donated to Jigoku.

If you have been following Game of Thrones tv series, you know that the latest season is some good stuff going on. It’s uncharted territory, since the books have not been released yet… So they can tangent all they want. Makes you wonder how canon the series is compared to the novel once it releases…….. if it ever gets released……..eventually…… maybe….

On the LCG front, we had a store championship for AGOT last month. I couldnt make it to the second day, so i just showed up to have a few games for the fun. Letting my opponent win since I might as well push them up.

AGOT meta right now is of course, heavier on Stark and Lannisters dominance. But having said that, the local store championship actually had each faction on the top 8. So while the game is leaning to a few faction for strength, the rest are not exactly kicked to the ground. They can hold their own of sorts. Of course, being a Loyal to Baratheon and Night Watch, I had to go with Baratheon for more consistency… Night Watch can do decent, but that plot First Snow really throws a curveball. Hard to recover from that when the Lanni pulls it off and comes swinging with triumvirate, Tyrion / Tywin / Mountain. I hope that the dominance does not last as long but we will see.

Time is usually an issue for me to go card gaming these days. There’s always things to be done and the kids are growing so fast. Due to needed cardboard crack… and mtgo being on a windows based pc making it unaccessible for me. I use linux mint and ipad for most of my daily stuff. So I returned to Hearthstone on the ipad.

Thanks to the new rotation of standard, (which is base set, classic and last 2 years of expansion). This makes the sets to chase are smaller and blizzard being smart by giving 13 packs for free of the new expansion…Whispers of the old gods… released April 26th…. so yeah…. i mean what card game addict can resist free packs?

I got back in with Hearthstone… and yeah, being able to pick up games anytime and anywhere is damn good. This is because they were being smart by making the game playable on Mac / Windows PC / Ios / Android devices…. what games runs on most of the major platforms?? Almost none i tell you. All they need is to migrate to Xbox & PS4, and their infiltration would be complete.

So the game being mostly pvp centric…… I noticed that even with mostly base cards alone, you can stand a fighting chance somewhat… You wont be winning consistently, but you wont lose all games either.

So tips for mostly casual players? Get all your characters to level 10 to open up all the base cards. Then raise a character to level 20 to access tavern brawl.

To get most value out of the game, you probably need to go to arena, paying 150g. Arena is where you get to draft by cards to fill your 30 card deck, (the cards are not from your collection, so you can get anything). Once drafted, you play the game against an opponent. If you lose 3 games, you are out. … the more you win, the more you gain.

If you get 0-3. You still get a pack and 25g. So your loss is 25g.
If you get 3-3, you get a pack, 50g, so you just pay for a pack essentially.
At 7-3, you get a pack, a random card or two and 166g. So this is where you profit, so you fully regain your entry fee and get a pack.
If you get max 12-3, you get packs, more cards and 350g.

That’s for the arena… but if you’re not, like my son. You just need to do these instead:

1) Daily quest – get gold.
2) Play ranked games. Every 3 wins get 10g.
3) Tavern Brawl. Win once a week to get a pack.

So with this, you can get by slowly with packs. It will take a while, but any cards you dont need you can always disenchant into dust and craft cards you actually need. More on that later.

That’s all from me for now…



AGOT instead of L5R for 2016

We had a winter tournament last few weeks and I went in with my Bara/Night watch wall deck… and didnt get to top 3…


But to be fair, there was no top cut and my swiss results was 3-1. I loss to player who got third where he lost to 2nd and 2nd to 1st. I hate swiss that has no top cut, but that is life. i guess.


The field was heavier Lannister, out of around 12 players, there was 2 greyjoy, 3 baratheon, 5 Lannister and 2 Targaryen. The other Bara got 1st place.


So far, the game AGOT 2.0 has the usual complexity of playing l5r, but minimal of its baggages or rare hunt being an lcg instead of ccg. Rules timing seems a bit more consistent compared to AEG L5R back then, but then again, the problem with l5r has always been the wording of the card’s abilities that conflicts with the game’s timing. As card text usually superseed game’s rules, that create nastiness.


I didn’t exactly print my decklist, so i will provide my decklist based on another user on His deck is similar to mine, and i think his is more efficicent. There were a few cards in my deck that I keep wondering if i should have replaced with something else. It probably contributed to my loss in round 2 with that Lanni dude.


A fun game for now, you guys should give it a try while waiting for l5r to be rebranded. Assuming you guys are l5r players…