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List making….

Making lists for miniature armies are not always easy nor straightforward. Some points to a certain one trick pony strategy while other favour flexibility when building. Others, like me, got sucked into the looks and then figure out how to include them later :p I’m going for another angle which is not really alien to some players: gradual point increments. This method is very useful if you have a LOT of minis resulting in a lot of possible combinations.

The advantage of this method is that you can mix and match and actually play with your entire collection from time to time on the wire. Meaning you don’t have to spend a lot of time building a list on the fly if you want to try a different angle on the game.

In Warmachine, you start off with 15, then it bumps up to 10 at a time, except with the 15 point jump to 50. (15,25,35,50). Unless you’re aiming for Unbound, in which case it’ll be a whopping 100 pt jump from 50.

In Anima Tactics, you start off at a kiddie level of 150 and basically have 50 level increments. Usually a 100 level increment is also convenient.

By keeping in mind of these progression points, you can categorize a group easily and fish your models out of the bag fast. At most, 3 units can belong to one group for simplicity’s sake. Anymore than that and you’ll be spending a lot of time figuring out what to put anyway.

Here’s something simple to try out:

For WM/H: Say it’s a 10 pt increment. hat can be one unit + 1 solo, 1 jack + 1 solo or one maxed out unit or one super expensive jack.

For Anima’s 100pt increment, it’ll be a 55/45, 60/40, 65/35 or 50/50. Anything more than that and it deserves it’s own spot with points carried forward.

By no means will this approach make your list to be super cool broken, but it’ll make selections easier and faster and hopefully lots of fun next time you bring your army bag for a game 🙂



8 hour painting

Using a speed painting tech over here: , I managed to finish 7 Anima minis averaging out at 1.2 hours each. Dry brush, then using wash is definitely a fun experience. The stuff I used:

  1. Black gesso for priming.
  2. Matte medium for thinning paints so that it turns transparent (very very important).
  3. Some cheapo acrylic paints.
  4. P3 silver paint (can’t remember which one).
  5. The smallest brush I could find for painting details, like eyes and small touch ups. Very very very important!
  6. A spare brush to soak up excess paint pooling in the crevices.

Here’s how I do it:

  1. Slop gesso on the mini, jamming any crevice with it. It won’t look pretty at first. After 40 minutes it’ll start to shrink and conform to the details as it dries. Awesome stuff. Let it cure for 24 hours if you want to be careful.
  2. Dry brush. Start with grey. Then dry brush again with a lighter grey catching the highlights. Then dry brush again either with a near white grey or with white on the top most highlight (you won’t need to do a lot of it).
  3. Mix paint + medium + water OR use a wash. Just slop it on an area that you want to start with. For metals, simply dry brush the highlights, it’ll be enough (I learnt this the hard way after 5 minis. It worked while painting Yuri).

Unfortunately, there’s still no easy way to paint faces and small areas of skin. You still need to base coat, shade, paint eyes and then apply highlight/lipstick/scar/whatever. Except for the eyes and small minute corrections using a 5/0 brush, the rest are painted with a number 2 brush. Primed with an old frayed brush I had lying around somewhere.

There’ll be Yuri, Cenette, Daniella and Claire coming. Can’t wait to start with those in the weekend 🙂

My gesso experiment

I bit the bullet last night as I primed my Anima Tactics minis using gesso. According to the web, I could glop the gesso on the minis and obscure as much detail as I want, because it will shrink and conform to the mini’s details as it dries.

Guess what?

It worked! I couldn’t believe it. In a span of 20 minutes I finished priming all 7. Even though the primer dried off at around 40 minutes later, I’ve read that it’d recommended to leave it to cure for 24 hours. Fair enough I suppose.

But really, this stuff is so amazing I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to find a priming alternative to spray cans.

## Gesso is a brush on primer that artists use to prime their canvas with. ##

2011 Release Schedule (so far)

I also have this in my tumblr and in the AT main forums, but I thought it’d be nice to replicate it here as well. I’m going to put this blog as my articles while my tumblr will handle any updates I come across. Pending whether I’m bored or not :p

1035 Lilith € 12.99
1036 Female Imperial Agent € 10.99

2036 Morrigan € 59.99 (Box)

2038 Maria 39,99 € (Box)
3032 Theurgia € 32.99 (Box)

1037 Deimon € 10.99

3041 Hecacontides Zero Sigma € 29.99 (Box)
3042 Female Church Agent € 10.99

Boring characters don’t mean they’re bad

Boring Duncan

I was taking a look at atoracle and noticed a slew of really boring looking characters with only one or two abilities (I’m looking at you, Janus Faith). But another thing I noticed about these boring characters is that they’re actually quite flexible.


For having a pitiful amount of abilities prevented them from shoehorning certain roles. That just made them able to fill other roles that are missing from your squad without you batting an eyelash.

i.e: You know that you’d put Cordelia as a hidden sniper. Everyone knows that’s the role she’s going to play. You’d also know that Daniella is an artillery piece. But Duncan Reid? Kronen? They’re both pitifully boring characters but they can be put forth as charging strikers, covering flankers or just plain ol’ tankers. And they can change their roles pretty easily mid-game.

Having 1 or 2 situational abilities means an abundance in AP’s. Remember that by default you can counter-attack with 3 AP’s, so that’s nothing to snuff at. Intercepting and having a spare AP for dodging can be very helpful as well. So take another look at your character roster, single out those that seem boring to you. Are they REALLY that useless? Think again.

How to start Anima Tactics

After trial and error, I discovered a cool way to start off Anima Tactics if you’re on a shoestring budget.

  1. Read these two websites: and . The Cypher studio stores can help with the Advantage card images as well.
  2. Buy models in somewhat 100 pt pairs. Plan your purchases by buying in 100pt brackets so you can start playing according to the rulebook levels right away. e.g: Lvl 45 + 55, Lvl 50 + 50, Lvl 40 + 60, etc. This makes squad building easy and without headache.
  3. Start painting right away. The model counts are low, so If you can start on them as fast as you can, you’ll get more satisfaction out of them when deploying on the table as fast as you can as well.
  4. When in doubt, proxy. Print stuff, make 30mm cutouts, try out new models that you’re interested in.
  5. Stop at 300 points. You don’t need to go any farther than this. Most people stop at Gamma level anyway. If you get bored, you can repeat from step 2 onwards for another cycle :p
  6. Organization bonuses are your friend. Just saying 😉

Mini transport alternative: Magnets

I was hit by an idea one night after looking at the 30mm bases from my Anima Tactics squad. I happened to find my spare 3mm neodynium magnets lying around and I wondered what if I glued a couple onto the underside of the bases? The answer is (or are):

  1. My models won’t have their paints scratched. Well, theoretically.
  2. My models won’t bang onto each other like pinballs if I place them in a metal container.
  3. I could flip my transport container upside down and they won’t fall off.
Kinda nifty. 2 magnets kept them sturdy, one on each ar side of the base. Technically 1 is enough to hold it together but they keep spinning around. Maybe if I had bigger magnets. Hmmm…

Anima Tactics: Oh no!

Yes, talk about a USD36 startup, Anima Tactics is certainly the next “in” thing that entered my neighbourhood recently. It’s a miniatures game with really small model count featuring anime-like characters in terms of power levels and style. The minis are awesome to look at too. A minimum of 4-5 models or so and you’re set to go. Not only does my “army” gets painted super fast with the low model count, it’s easy on the pockets too.

Is the game going to last long? I don’t know, honestly. It has all the hallmarks of a bushfire game (meaning it starts fast, it dies out fast as well) but I’ve been wrong with my assessment before with Warmachine. From the outset the game looks similar to Malifaux, but the models are less “icky”, so to say. Not that there aren’t evil looking models in AT, but at least everything looks pretty in its anime way.

I haven’t had my first game yet but I’m having the vibe that it’s going to be brutal. Every model is unique and has their own special abilities, even the grunt-like agents (which are customizable btw).

I’ll probably take my time painting these because of the hero characteristics of each model. At least it breaks the monotonous feeling of painting “yet another common soldier arrrrggghhh” syndrome. It’s gonna be fun 🙂

p/s: Toybox and Comics Mart are having a small discount, 3x RM35 models for RM100. The guy at Comics Mart says the discount will be there as long as the distributor says so. So far, the distributor’s being nice about it 🙂