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Rogue Quest. Ewwww… Not a deck list

I don’t think I’ll ever write a deck list for a Rogue Quest deck. Despite the earlier misgivings, the deck is really easy to make and really hard to counter unless you do so from turn 1. I don’t get the feeling that it’s fun after I pulled it off at turn 5 or so. The trick to pull it off really cheap? Those damn Fire Elementals.

I get that the quest are supposed to be the endgame for all decks, but the Rogue one is so ridiculously easy to build. The deck doesn’t even need the Mimic Pods to run (though it’s nice if you managed to pod the Deathrattle Fire Elemental dude) and it’s still fast.

Some guys even concede the moment I played the 1/2 dudes twice in a turn (despite the rest of my hand being trash, but they don’t know that). But there are good close fights between Quest decks. The worst is Rogue Quest vs Rogue Quest, as it just ends up being the first person who can pull the quest off. It doesn’t matter if you have board control or not, you will recover quickly.

That being said, the plant theme for Rogue is interesting, though I can see that it’s vastly inferior to the quest deck at this point. But the card that picques my interest the most right now in Rogue is Vilepsine Slayer. Same cost as Assassinate, does the same thing, but it has legs and a big mouth (3/4, not too shabby).

Another instant staple is Hallucination. You can get some really good pulls with it if you’re lucky.


Shooty Jade


I guess you can say that this deck was born out of frustration of not having the right answers all the time. It then occurred to me that most answers to almost everything is shooting them in the face.

This is a classic tempo control deck. Clear your opponent’s board while filling up your own. While you can go for the face with this deck, it wouldn’t fare so well. This deck is not fast and you have to exercise restrain to get the most out of it since card draw is almost non-existent in this deck.

This deck is fun to play and you’d get a kick out of it.

Secret Paladin 500

I finally got around to do it, the secret paladin 500. Right off the bat, this deck suffers the consistency issue as Rogue 500, it’s missing the key card, which is an epic: Mysterious Stranger.

The deck is actually a tempo deck similar in pacing with the Rogue 500, though it’s missing that final push to deal in surprise damage other than Blessing of Kings.


The most interesting card in the deck is perhaps the Steward of Darkshire, which works awesome with Noble Sacrifice and the Bluegill Warrior. Might change the murloc with Wolfrider, but we’ll see how this deck performs. The curve sent warning signs to my brain:


That must be the most lopsided curve I have ever built. This is one deck where the Boulderfist Ogres might be a better fit than the Rocketeers, but it still needs a fair bit of testing to see how it goes.

I’ll definitely revisit this deck again after playing with it for a bit.

Addendum: Okay I’ve played with it for a bit. This deck is even more fun than the Hunter 500 and Warrior 500 combined (though I still like my rogue 500 deck more). Definitely a worthy Gold farmer.

Jade C’thun with knives oh my

Thought I’d try my hand at Jade Rogue. It turned out tougher than I thought because there’s not much Jade cards that can flesh out a Rogue  deck unlike the Druid, which has oodles. So the next best thing would be to include our dear old pal C’thun.


I honestly wouldn’t count C’thun’s Dust cost since he is free and fixed anyway. This deck is prone to misplay. It can deliver, either by mid range beefy Jade Golems or by the Big C him (it?) self. But 1 mis-step can really spell disaster. They key to using this deck is the use of Shadowstep. With it you can:

Draw extra cards

Turbo pump C’thun

Get bigger Jade Golems

Or even discover Legendary-to-crap-tastic cards more

Return a heavily injured minion and re-cast it to full health

Are among some of the juicy uses of that 1 little card. But using it wrongly at the wrong time will spell disaster, as I have experienced many times in the early hours of the New Year. Oh yeah…

Happy New Year everyone!

Jaded HS Player… I mean Druid

Post Gadgetzan release, you can see that top tier decks shaping up. Currently at the top tier, seems to be:
Tier 1 – Pirate Warrior (Kaizoku), Aggro Shaman with Weapons.
Tier 2 – Renolock, Dragon Priest, Dragon Warrior, Reno lock/mage, Jade Shaman
There are other decent decks at the other range, but these decks seems to be top tier. I’m still missing a few of the good rares for the top tier… like Kazakus & Kun… heck I dont have Aviana to build that particular deck… Pirate deck I’m only missing a few cards.. Patches being one of them…

But somehow, I stubbornly decided to stick to Jade Druid. It didnt do too well frankly, not bad.. but fail to push me over to rank 10 and above. It’s lacking speed… when you compare with the tier 1 and the annoyingness of Reno decks in terms of long term heal.

I love the druid deck though.. highest jade minion was 16/16. The deck i would say midgame to late game is solid… although a bit lacking on the taunt… which is one of the issue and i think the current rush aggro decks are simply damn fast.

Oh well, I still have fun with the deck, so i play casual more often nowadays compared to ranked. Looks like arena is the best bet until the rotation crops up in April.

Until then, just grind the dailies for the packs. I still dont have a complete playset of cards for any expansions…. thankfully managed to get all common and rares complete playset so far…. so its the epic and legendaries that’s lacking.

Till then.

Miracle Rogue My Version

Miracle Rogue decks are one of the more standard decks nowadays, with a lot of variations to run it. While I don’t have any of the top cards some decks are using, I got enough to make my own Miracle Rogue deck. What is the Miracle Rogue deck anyway? It’s basically firing off combos by playing 0 cost cards and beefing up Questing Adventurer to ridiculous levels.

My Miracle (1440):

Backstab(0) x2
Counterfeit Coin(0) x2
Shadowstep(0) x2
Cold Blood(1) x2
Goldshire Footmen(1) x2
Small-Time Buccaneer(1) x2
Cutpurse(2) x2
Eviscerate(2) x2
Novice Engineer(2) x2
Sap(2) x2
Fan of Knives(3) x2
Questing Adventurer(3) x2
SI:7 Agent(3) x2
Sen’jin Shieldmasta(4) x2
Azure Drake(5) x2

Overall a decent costed deck that does pretty well, even when you have a slow start. Beware the temptation of playing the Goldshire Footmen too early, as the will surely die shortly after. The only reason they are there is to protect the Questing Adventurer or the Cutpurse at the same turn they come in. They’re crucial to the deck and they’re really squishy when they first get on the board.

You can spam Shadowstep on anything you want, but I really like doing it to the Novice Engineer so I can fish out the Questing Adventurer or the Curpurse early. Double Agent drops are great to handling those pesky 4 toughness minions.

Also when you’re going second, resist the temptation to use the Coin on turn 1 unless you’re being blitzed by a minion that can grow bigger and you have Eviscerate in hand to deal with it permanently. Use the Coin to drop the Azure Drake early by a turn.

Addendum: Maybe subbing out the Goldshire Footmen with Conceal would make a stronger deck while still maintaining the budget pricing. Trying to cram in a couple of Shiv in there as well for more card draw.

Having fun with blitzes

Been hooked on Hearthstone lately. I’m just a beginner in the game, but I’m having a LOT of fun playing blitz decks because of the simplicity and getting the kicks out of pulling off combos. I’m focusing on two classes: Rogue and Hunter. Incidentally, the Hunter makes a better blitz hero out of the 2. So here are the two decks I’ve been having fun with:

Rogue Goes Pop (960):

Backstab (0) x2
Counterfeit Coin (0) x1
Shadowstep (0) x2
Abusive Sergeant (1) x2
Bladed Cultist (1) x2
Buccaneer (1) x1
Cold Blood (1) x2
Leper Gnome (1) x1
Small-Time Buccaneer (1) x1
Eviscerate (2) x2
Loot Hoarder (2) x2
Novice Engineer (2) x2
Sap (2) x2
Shiv (2) x2
SI:7 Agent (3) x2
Wolfrider (3) x2
Gnomish Inventor (4) x2

Super cheap deck. You should be able to craft it after you first unlock Tavern Brawl. I’m not really sure what’s the optimum play, but the DREAM play for this is:
Drop Wolfrider and attack, hit it with Shadowstep twice and do it again. On the last drop, before attacking, drop in a couple of Cold Blood to seal the deal. Theoretical damage in a turn with Taunters or Traps getting in your way: 17. Fastest turn you can theoretically drop this combo is in Turn 5, where you need:

1x Coin, 1x Wolfrider, 2x Cold Blood, 2x Shadowstep

Granted I’ve never pulled this off yet but it’ll be fun if it does happen.

How to play the deck? Hit everything you got in the face, save your removals and damage for Taunters that get in your way. Sounds simple enough? The big downside to this deck is that it would die horribly to Mage and Warrior and other anti rush decks out there.

Now for the hunter:

Small Game Hunter(580):

Abusive Sergeant (1) x2
Alleycat (1) x2
Arcane Shot (1) x2
Brave Archer (1) x2
Elven Archer (1) x1
Hunter’s Mark (1) x2
Smuggler’s Crate (1) x1
Stonetusk Boar (1) x2
Timber Wolf (1) x1
Tracking (1) x2
Bloodfen Raptor (2) x1
Dire Wolf Alpha (2) x2
Explosive Trap (2) x1
Grimestreet Informant (2) x1
Novice Engineer (2) x2
Animal Companion (3) x2
Kill Command (3) x2
Wolfrider (3) x2

Where to start? This deck is even more of a beater than the Rogue one. Played correctly, your weaker willed opponent will concede to you on turn 4. Played well, you can win between turn 4-6. If you reach turn 8, something went horribly wrong and you will lose. It’s that sort of deck. The damage output of this deck is pretty neat for a bunch of commons.

Like all blitz deck, the trick is to realise when is the time to trade minions and when to hit straight to the face. Your hand will run out fast, hence why the Mirida’s are there.

Tavern Brawl – ‘Idols of Azeroth’ – (21 July 2016)

Ever draw a spell when you really needed a minion? Never again! Your deck will be 30 Raven Idols, so you’ll be able to discover whatever you need!

* Wild Format

* Mana starts at 1

* Deck is full 30 cards of a copy of Raven Idol


Rewards : Tavern’s Brawl first win a Classics pack as reward!



Personal Findings based on own games

* The games are slow. Seriously. Takes even the quickest games at least 10 minutes. This is due mainly to cast and idol, choose a spell or minion, and spend a bit time to decide which spell/minion out of the 3 cards. So the games drag. Really.

* What you get is of course random, but you may interchange with getting what spell/minion you want. So there is a strategy of what you want and need, but all else fails, getting minions tends to be better in most cases…unless you’re mage and your spells are all the lovely burnination spells… then yes.. spell all the way.

* I always go for spell and minion alternatively in the beginning, and taper off to more minions unless you get some solid cards… then get more spells.

* Due to the lengthy games of the brawl, I decide to tap out of the brawl. While an interesting concept, the pace is slow due to the decision making.


All in all another random tavern brawl as always…


HS – Tavern Brawl Shiftcon (30th June 2016)

Tavern Brawl – Shiftcon (30th June 2016)

Swap stories with fellow shifters at the tavern’s Shift Convention! Choose a class. We’ll fill your deck with Shifters and spells!


  • Wild format
  • Starts with 3 mana
  • Choose one class, they will add 5-10 (estimate) your class random spells to your deck and the rest filled with Shifter Zerus


Personal Findings based on own games

  • Found many good combos to play next turn, only to realise that combo no longer there as Shifter Zerus changed to another dude.
  • There was a game where I pull off 3 Kel’thuzad. Needless to say that opponent got very annoyed and conceded.
  • Spell “Mindgames” is useless as the only minion in opponent deck is a Zerus. So you copy from his deck and put into battlefield… For 4 mana get a 1/1…. urgh.
  • Giant Sand Worm is the bomb. When opponent have minions with low attack, you generally can clear board on that turn.
  • RNG can really screw you over, had a match where opponent get bombs and i get small normal common minions. FML.
  • Any effect that refer to higher cost minion in deck versus the opponent will fail as both will be Zerus. Unless they pull their class card.
  • It’s good to hear Leeroy Jenkins battlecry again. J
  • If you’re a mage and you got Acidmaw, more power to you.
  • Most people play this and quit, but I just take the opportunity to raise up my son’s account level to all class level 10.
  • Plus side, every 3 wins is 10 gold coins…. No loss there..

All in all another random tavern brawl as always…

Crane Clan in IvE according to someone…..