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The Noble Izzet

A deck that I took to a standard FNM 😛 Unbeknownst to everyone at the time. Granted, a few changes were made since then.

Noble: Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius (but of course)

3x Guttersnipe
1x Thoughtflare

2x Stealer of Secrets
4x Lobber Crew
4x Goblin Electromancer
4x Frostburn Weird

2x Essence Backlash
4x Electrickery
2x Dynacharge
3x Explosive Impact
2x Inspiration
3x Dispel
1x Downsize
1x Chemister’s Trick

1x Pursuit of Flight

4x Izzet Guildgate
9x Island
9x Mountain
It’s very straightforward. Put stuff out, burn, draw, etc. Very light on the counter area but the 3 Dispels should make up for the nasty surprises waiting for you at inopportune times. There’s a bit of the Silver Bullet syndrome going on in here, but it should cover for some contingencies that might save the game.


1st attempt of noble deck mtg

So i constructed my first nobel deck. The guys wanted the noble to have more flair, so the houserule is for the noble (rare/mythic) to be a planeswalker.

So this is my first attempt. I initially wanted to have the deck focus on milling, but i find that’s hard to do, since common decks seems quite fast. So instead, i just go for straight kills via trepidation. Counters are meant to deal only with high threats or anything that destroys the blades.

Tactics: Draw and draw more look for answers. 🙂

18 Island

4 Delver of Secrets
4 Blighted Agent
2 Invisible Stalker
2 Neurok Invisimancer
4 Aven Fleetwing
2 Elgaud Shieldmate

4 Gitaxian Probe
4 Ponder
4 Preordain
4 Vapor Snag
4 Counterspell
2 Disperse
1 Jace Beleren (Noble)
2 Trepanation Blade (Uncommon)

Naturally, early delver and swing for kill is good.

MTG: Casual – Noble Format

As I said, Seeds of Decay is only a month away or so. The new set offers a lot if interesting choice. But it could also mean that a month to start playing all the juicy cards with meta-choices.

In accordance to an article in MTG Daily yesterday, there were reference to a noble format. A variant of the pauper, peasant and even EDH deck, you can have a choice of playing a 60-card deck with mostly common deck, with a max of 4 uncommon in total, (which includes sideboard) and a mythic or a rare of your choice. This rare will be put as a commander’ of sorts hereby designated as “Noble”… but while EDH restricts the colour of choice in your deck, this Noble is not bound to use the same colours in your deck.

The Noble can be casted from the commander zone anytime. But once it comes into play, it becomes a normal card, so it will not go to commander zone anymore.

A deck is 60 card as normal and standard magic deckbuilding rules apply.

What makes the format interesting is the amount of common it has, making the format far more accessible for the casuals.

I will build a deck for it later, perhaps modern format instead of standard. Modern have far more variety of cards to play with and I have access to quite a number of them. And we see how it goes from there.

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