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2014 moving forward in gaming

Almost the end of January, Ivory edition is not released yet. I’m too lazy to print/proxy the kolat pdf, since it involves a whole lot printing, (ink wastage) and also the fact that… i’m still missing 2x Jade Petal Inn.

That card proves to be far more staple than i initially thought.

With a good base of 3g produce 3g, it also fetches 1g for 1g holdings that you can buy, ramping your gold and thin down your deck or just discard the fetched holding straight away, to thin down your deck anyway. There are at least two good holdings for that, such abundant farmlands, with straightens every turn (yours and opponent) to provide you moolahs on standby. Also, Deep harbour, which buys your 2g holdings for free. And yes, lion can also discard those 1g holdings in the early turns in the hope to speed up your dynasty cycling.

At this rate, i don’t think the market price going down anytime soon.

On the plus side though, it’s reprinted in Mantis starter. Which means that people will mass grab that one, in triplicates. Productive mine, another staple for 4g Strongholds, will be in Spider starter, so yes. People will go grabbing those as well. Expect some shortage of sorts for those starters. While brilliant, they really should have included one Jade petal and one productive mine for each clan starter to avoid the imbalanced demand.

Other card games don’t hold me much this time around. The much hyped over Vanguard has died down. I have completed most of what i want in the last few sets for Eradicators and Angel Feathers. So nothing much until BT13. I’m sticking my son into Liberator for now, he likes it. So it works i guess. I do need to fill in with the proper rares if i want to turn it competitive. As a teaching tool for now, it’s ok.

Buddyfight is not just as appealing aesthetically. Something is off with the drawing and they really should improve on that. While the mechanic is somewhat more sound than vanguard, the art is just…. off… so no to that.

I still don’t touch much standard mtg, mainly since i don’t feel like spending more outflow for the assorted rares and mythic. However, having completed my modern decks, i have a few smaller side project, being Standard Pauper. One of the local shop runs standard pauper on Sundays, so I’m very keen on joining that mainly due to the cheaper cost.

Now, if only FNM runs with Pauper would be great! However, I doubt they will, since Pauper is not exactly an accepted format for mtg due to wizards are trying to sell cards. Telling customer to stick with pauper is not the most profitable idea to do, so you can expect it to be ignored mainly.

I managed to get a cheap Vita deal. So I’m now focusing on finishing my Persona 4 Golden and finding people to play Dragon Crown with.


Vanguard tourney idea, based on Warhammer campaigns.

It came to me as I was pondering this question:

How do I run an independent Vanguard tournament that doesn’t have a solid prize support? (no promos, etc)

The idea is this: the tournament will be run league style, with a giant map detailing Cray and the clans that inhabit it. during the course of play, the winning clans will have a say on which new territory they’ll be conquering. Thus the Battle for Cray league is born (or soon to be).

For now, this is the loose structure:

Attending players will contribute 1 point to their clan.

Top 3 players will contribute 1 more point.

Champion of the week will contribute another point.

Non-represented clans will lose their position on the board first.

The tournament can scale with any number and various little awards can be designed to reward those playing at the end of the season. Hopefully this will instill a clan loyalty schtick like L5R and giving this game another unique perspective.

All about subthemes

Finally, i managed to get a complete playset of all my Bermuda Triangle cards. But unfortunately, the clan is not exactly any top tier for the moment. At most, tier 1.5 to tier 2. The lack of break ride hurts the clan and since we know the upcoming card sets in Japanese, there’s no hope for Bermuda just yet. So I’m shelving my folder of complete Bermuda to my library shelf. One day… when BT14-BTxx or EBxx whatsoever gives more options for Bermuda again, i will unseal the folder from the archive.

I’m moving to complete my narukami eradicators. Rationally speaking, i should be moving to get most narukami cards, rather than just focusing on eradicators to give a more viable option. But to complete everything is a waste money since the cardpool for Narukami is quite huge. And being a 50 card deck… there’s only so much you can put in. And yes, i know that you can just buy what you need, but the collector in me just cannot take it such incompleteness. So I’m gonna stick to pure eradicators as much as possible to keep my complete set collector OCD at bay.

In reflection of the anime series, I’ve yet to find a nemesis of sorts in real life to pick up Liberators, but what the heck.

With BT11, there are 3 completely new subthemes that you can collect from there… same goes with BT10. By right, BT10 should come first, but not sure why Bushiroad decide to release in English, BT11 first then BT10. Which can be considered as rather weird since some cards in BT11 are support cards for BT10 such as nemesis/liberators/eradicators.

So BT10 introduces

Jewel Knight = Royal Paladin
Eradicators = Narukami
Liberators = Gold Paladin
Genesis (All new clan)

BT11 introduces

Seal Dragon = Kagero
Ancient Dragon = Tachikaze
Celestial = Angel Feather
Support for Genesis, Liberators & Eradicators

In the set they are introduced in, the subtheme is complete. You can build a 50 card deck with it, since they give 1 set of each trigger and enough to make a 17-16-12-5 deck (grade 0 to grade 3 respectively. (the numbers in total, so you will trim a bit to reach the optimum 50 card deck.)

I like the way the make subthemes, while it makes deck building less skill intensive in a way, but it makes collecting far more easier.

After cracking quite a fair bit BT11…. i have abundance tachikaze/kagero cards… any takers? 🙂

Aqua Think Tank

The arrival of Bubble Edge Dracokid has heralded many, many wonderful things. Put the lil’ guy into your soul, choose a unit. If the unit makes a 4th or more attack attack this turn, draw a card. Simple, right? Then all hell breaks loose when I try to make a draw-tastic deck with no idea how to win.

Grade 0

Starting Ripple, Alecs x1

Bubble Edge Dracokid x4

Crit x12

Draw x4

Grade 1

Storm Rider, Eugen x1

Emerald Shield, Paschal x4

Battle Siren, Dorothea x2

Silent Ripple, Sotirio x4

Grade 2

Rising Ripple, Pavroth x4

Tidal Assault x3

Battle Siren, Callista x3

Grade 3

Thundering Ripple, Genovious x4

Blue Flight Dragon, Trans-core Dragon x2

Navalgazer Dragon x2

This deck actually looks pretty dumb, but the potential to do uber draws is simply too irresistable! I have no idea how this deck will win, hence the Tans-core is there to provide with some form of win button, but I wouldn’t count on it. It’s a very one dimensional deck, but I bet it’ll be fun for a few laughs at least.

Eradicators decklist

Oh yeah, someone asked me what i played during the WGP for CFV. I took 4 starter, 4 promo (which was the EB06 box topper) and mix match.


TD09/001  Eradicator, Vowing Sword Dragon 4x
PR Spark horn eradicator 4x

TD09/004  Eradicator, Thunder Boom Dragon  4x
TD09/005  Eradicator, Spark Rain Dragon  4x
TD09/006  Assassin Sword Eradicator, Susei  1x
TD09/008  Lightning Blade Eradicator, Jeem  2x

Null-Guard 4x
TD09/009  Red River Dragoon 3x
TD09/010  Eradicator, Demolition Dragon  4x
TD09/012  Eradicator of Fire, Kohkaiji  3x

TD09/014 Eradicator, Yellow Gem Carbuncle  Critical 4x
TD09/015 Eradicator, Dragon Mage  Draw 4x
TD09/017 Worm Toxin Eradicator, Seiobo  Heal 4x

It did decently but I made a few crucial misplay that cost me the game. Oh well… I will have to wait for BT10 before fleshing out the deck further.

Definitely once the Vowing Sword Reverse is available, i will replace Spark Horn Eradicator.

Narukami’s Eradicators

The CF vanguard WGP Malaysia qualifiers has gone by. I decided against plaing Bermuda Triangle, which i spend a month plus tweaking and decided to jump into Narukami Eradicator deck. (It was released a day before tourney, but i gambled in anyway). I didn’t get in top 8 and most of the group scrubbed out. With it being Swiss 7 rounds Double Elimination means that you’re out once you lose two games.

So we were out.. but the highlight point of the tourney was…
1) Free tourney. Nothing to lose
2) Free WGP 2013 deck box. Fits three decks. Nice.
3) Promo, it was Graphite Cannon Dragon for Kagero. Since most of us don’t play Kagero, its’ just meh…
4) Free fight tourney in the afternoon gives a Gold Paladin and Shadow Paladin… so-so only, but free promo is free.
5) Participated in the Weiss Schwarz free fight. Got madoka magica, fate zero and sauna (SAO). all english of course, but free promo is free.
6) Refer to point number 1… free entry tourney. 🙂

All in all, it was good fun. I entered knowing that we won’t reach far. so it’s ok. The japanese tourney the next day was more vicious, i didn’t go, since its family time. But i heard they implemented the top 8 no same nation ruling.

Basically, what it means that if you’re first and second place, no issues.

3rd to 8th onwards though, only a single NATION is allowed. So if you’re playing OTT and got 4th, but the guy above you plays Gold Paladin, so you’re same nation with him, (Both yellow-United Sanctuary), then you’re out. They will check the next person until it’s not the same nation as 3rd placing such as maybe Granblue which is Magallanica (Blue). And so on until top 8 is filled with different nations.

It’s screwed up, i know. But they want to “rectify” the imbaness of some clans like in Japan now, *cough* Link Joker *cough*. It started from apparently one of the WGP where the top 16, which had 13 of em are link jokers.. like duh.

In the meantime, I took a liking to eradicators.. so i will play that for awhile…

Dimension Police Junior

I had an interesting experience at the last cardfight vanguard tournament. It was just a shop level, nothing major about it. But there were a lot of people. Turn out was decently around 26 players. And there were a lot of kids… reminds me of the pokemon tourney days of old. Being an adult now, I have to watch my words since they were kids, where a single word or two would be disastrous… especially the F.U categories. 
The age of the kids are as young as 8 years old and the rest in their teens.. (10 to 14 years old.) A few male parent was nearby, ensuring their kids have their fun while a few actually participated in the same tourney.
That got excited somewhat.. teaching junior the ropes of the game could very well improve his english and maths. not only that, it gives me the oppurtunity to play games and buy into it without opposition from the wife. 
So I got L.Sensei’s box of commons and extracted a deck. The only complete clan with the appropriate triggers in the box was Dimension Police. Since I wanted to pass this to junior to teach him the game.. bear in mind that he’s only 6 years old. I just went with this. Simple minded deck, just drop on board, and beatdown as max power/strength as possible. It’s a teaching tool really, just to familiarize to the game before the wife catches on to my tricks!
In a field test casual game yesterday, I had some sort of insane luck, which resulted in me giving my opponent damage which revealed his Daiyusha Reverse every single damage! 3 in a row! It’s one of the quirks playing a somewhat luck based game. These things happen and there’s nothing you can do about. He of course jokingly threatened to emoragequit in the event that the 4th damage revealed another Daiyusha Reverse. 
Anyway, I will be doing the teaching game thing to him for now. Hopefully by later he would be a contender. Initially decklist inlcuded the ultraman look alike, Enigma something… but i took him out later due to not quite working for the deck… 🙂
Grade 0
1x Warrior of Destiny, Dai
8x Stand
4x Heal
4x Draw
Grade 1
4x Dimensional Robo, Daimariner
4x Fighting Saucer
4x Glory Maker
Grade 2
4x Cosmic Rider
2x Cosmic Mothership
4x Super Dimensional Robo, Dallady
4x Assault Monster, Gunrock
Grade 3
3x Enigman Shine
4x Interdimensional Ninja, Tsukikage

A new look into Aqua Force

I removed some of the rares from my deck because it simply didn’t work. I still couldn’t threaten those 13k cross ride Vanguards with my meager 10k muscle. So what do we do? We backtrack.

Here was my previous deck:


Grade 3:

Hydro Hurricane Dragon x4

Storm Rider, Lysander x2

Storm Rider, Diamantes x2

Grade 2:

Tear Knight, Lazarus x3

Tear Knight, Valeria x2

Marine General of the Restless Tides, Algos x2

Storm Rider, Basil x2

Coral Assault x2

Grade 1:

Tear Knight, Theo x4

Emerald Shield, Paschal x2

Battle Siren, Dorothea x2

Battle Siren, Cynthia x3

Accelerated Command x3

Grade 0:

Tri-Holi Dracokid

10 Stand, 2 Draw, 4 Heal


What I liked about this deck: Lots of multiple attack options, good cycle and card draw (situational), very good pressure against 10k Vanguards.

But it struggles a bit against 11k Vanguards.

And completely helpless against 13k cross ride Vanguards. Obviously, this cannot go on.

For the first part, let’s look back at numbers. Currently, I have 4 Hydro Hurricane Dragon in my deck. While this is good and all, they suck if they’re forced to go to the rear-guard. Diamantes and Lysander are pretty much vanilla if they’re not doing their switching thing, and only one of them needs to do it. HHD as the Vanguard is already awesome, he’s able to threaten a 13k Vanguard all by himself. Add a random 6k booster and that’s a confirm 10k guard from the opponent without even trying to do anything. That’s ok.

I realised that I do use my grade 3’s as front row Rear Guards often enough but they lack the muscle short of having a bonus trigger. These cards had to go out: HHD x1, Lysander, Diamantes x1. Diamantes is still useful enough for his 11k first attack, at least one copy of him gets to stay. To replace them, I entered 2 of the most common muscle that we often overlook: Key Anchor, Dabid and Titan of the Pyroxene Mine. Dabid can also threaten a 13k Vanguard by himself with a cheap cost of CB1, and the Titan, while boosted by at least a 6k support, can really force a 13k Vanguard to do a 2 stage defense. This is huge. From not able to hit to suddenly have a threatening front, it’ll readily force the cards to dropped from my opponent’s hand more often than not.

The rest are about the same, but my grade 1 and 2 are used to pressure 11k’s. But the Grade 2 was shaken up a bit to accommodate a complete play set of Lazarus and another copy of Coral Assault. We’re talking about 11k/16k threats here, so that should be consistent enough. The caveat here is that Algos and Valeria would have to shrink down. Either have 2 copies of one or 1 of each, it doesn’t matter. It’s meant to be bait and a valid 4th attack boon.

So here’s the final draft:


Grade 3:

3x Hydro Hurricane Dragon

2x Key Anchor, Dabid

2x Titan of the Pyroxene Mine

1x Storm Rider, Diamantes

Grade 2:

Tear Knight, Lazarus x4

Coral Assault x3

Algos/Valeria x2 (same copy or 1 of each)

Storm Rider, Basil x2

Grade 1:

Accelerated Command x3

Storm Rider, Eugen x3

Emerald Shield, Paschal x2

Tear Knight, Theo x3

Battle Siren, Cynthia, x3

Grade 0:

Aqua Breath Dracokid

10 Stands, 2 Draws, 4 Heals.


Don’t snuff on Eugen and Aqua Breath. Though not the most popular choices, they do have their merits. Eugen, upon standing by trigger, can still support the guy he just switched with. His first attack will mostly be wash anyway. And the Aqua Breath provides that crucial 1k which can determine if your card can threaten a Vanguard or not. 1k is enough to tilt the defense from a single stage to a 2 stage. If you attack a 11k vanguard with a 15k (10k + 5k) column, he can block with 5k. But if you attack with an extra 1k, he’d have to block with 10k instead.

Well, that’s it from me. I guess what’s important from this article is to prioritize constant threats as opposed to a specific strategy to win. By all means, you still need a trump card, but you shouldn’t falter if the plan doesn’t come into play. Hit the numbers that you want to and your selection of cards will be more apparent to you.

The pass

Felt like writing something random. In Vanguard, a ‘pass’ normally refers to a 5k boost conferred by drawing a trigger. We also divide damage into 5k stages as well to assess the damage we can block or let go at any given time. Now here’s the clincher. Even though power values can vary, within a 5k stage, those variations do not matter. What matters however, is the power of your target Vanguard. The stage of damage really depends on a Vanguard’s power. Consider this:

10k Vanguard:

0 – +4000: 1 stage

+5000 – +9000: 2 stages

+10000 – +14000: 3 stages

What does this mean? It means that if you have a 10k Vanguard, if you’re attacked with a 16k column, you will spend the same amount of resources blocking the attack even if you’re attacked with a 19k column (which is a 10k guard). This means that there’s a range of 4k worth of power that doesn’t make a difference. Let’s make a simple list of the power of the Vanguard and their stage threshold:

10k Vanguard: 10k (1 stage), 15k (2 stage), 20k (3 stage), 25k (4 stage)…

11k Vanguard: 11k (1 stage), 16k (2 stage), 21k (3 stage), 26k (4 stage)…

13k Vanguard: 13k (1 stage), 18k (2 stage), 23k (3 stage), 28k (4 stage)…

This is so useful when you’re debating how much you should defend an attack. Normally an attack would try to hit 3 stages so your conventional blocking methods (short that of using a pg) would not work. And you would want to defend with 3 stages for a no pass if you really don’t want that attack to land. Because of the abundance in 11k Vanguards, 16k happens to be the magic number when if comes to build a column. 18k is obviously the best, forcing even a 13k Vanguard to make a 2 stage (10k) guard to fully defend himself. The idea is to do as many 2 stage attacks as possible.



Disciple of Emi Sendou

I just noticed that I’ve been playing the clans that Emi Sendou was in the anime. With the sudden brush with OTT, my initiation is now complete.


All hail the Overlord! Ehemm… now that’s out of the way, I cracked a few random packs of EB05 and got a pretty decent pull (if pulling 3 Battle sister, chocolat can be called decent). Got the essentials, but not the heavy hitters. No worries, just a small setback. In the meantime, I have devised a deck of budgetness for anyone who happens to be in my predicament. I call it:


The Soulless & the Handless (it’s exactly how it sounds like)

Grade 3:

4x Battle Sister, Souffle

4x Oracle Guardian, Apollon

Grade 2:

4x Battle Sister, Tarte

3x Battle Sister, Glace

3x Oracle Guardian, Wiseman

Grade 1:

4x Oracle Guardian, Gemini

3x Battle Sister, Chocolat (whee!) – Disclaimer, if not her (which is most likely the case) max out the other 3 cards below

3x Dark Cat

3x One Who Gazes at the Truth (a.k.a Loki)

3x Battle Sister, Omelet

Grade 0:

4x Battle Sister, Assam (Stand)

4x Psychic Bird (Critical)

4x Battle Sister, Tiramisu (Draw)

4x Lozenge Magus (Heal and starting vanguard)

Yup. This deck is pure beatdown. With no preservation tactics nor measures in place, this deck will keep trucking on with little to no thought of what’s coming. Reaching soulless is easy if you control your Psychic Bird consumption. Have Loki constantly eating out for a decent 9k front. He’s annoying because he’s so tiny that your opponent will think twice whether he’s worth the attack to take it out. You’ll come to an average of 1 soul at some turns which Loki will eat to power up Omelet and Glace.

Everything else…. is pretty self-explanatory. I can’t wait to try this out on someone.