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Post Kotei Gaming. LCG?

Kotei season has come and gone locally. As a result of the extensive playtest. I would say that L5R burnout is in season. Everyone has left their L5R decks at home and now are waiting for the preview for Coils to start.

So what do everyone play these days?

Some have returned to magic. Ravnica is rather exciting these days and from what we’ve seen of Dragon Maze spoilers, this block is shaping up cards that people want to collect mainly due to EDH as they good cards for that format and standard gaming in general. Some of the cards are just too good to be true and probably is. I’m stepping away from this one though. I can see massive cash outflows trying to get certain rares/mythics…

Other than that, LCG is in the line. Some are playing star wars lcg from FFG. Not a bad game mind you, but still too little expansion, so card pool restriction does hurt deck building a bit. The high point of the game is the movie license. I mean, Han Solo blaster mode shot down Super star destroyer? Vader force chokes kills all? Wow. Yes please. 🙂

LCG Android: Netrunner has interesting promise. Mechanic-wise, it’s better than Star Wars LCG but due to not having much richer background of information on the story, most adopted a wait and see and for the community to grow enough to support the game.

As for me? I’m taking a bit of sabbatical from gaming weekends, but still keeping track of the latest trends in ccg/lcg (MTG/L5R/SW LCG/ANR LCG) and the like. In the meantime, time to finish that console gaming backlog…. Ni No Kuni…. Fire Emblem Awakening and the latest… Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate…. urghhh..


Izzit over?

The next wave of guilds are coming. So far my favourite mechanic is a tie between the Dimir’s Cipher and the Orzhov’s Extort. The cards for both guilds look smashing so far. I foresee the Dimir liking the Door Keeper a lot. But anyway, the other existing guilds will have mono colour support for Gatecrash. all the guilds will have new shiny toys in the third expansion. But for now, let’s say a brief goodbye to them as we entertain the new guilds coming up.

Before that however, the Izzet would want to say a few words with 3-5 mana or so. This is a pure Ravnica deck, not within the block. I’d say this deck is simple and cute. It’s definitely cheap though (notice how I enjoy building cheap decks as much as I can).

One Hit Wonder

Nivmagus Elemental x4
Blistercoil x4
Frostburn Weird x4
Splatter Thug x4
Guttersnipe x3
Downsize x3
Blustersquall x4
Electrickery x3
Dispel x3
Dynacharge x3
Teleportal x4
Island x9
Mountain x9
Izzet Guildgate x3

Very single minded with a nominal protection via Dispel. It’s meant to rush in and take names. The one drops double a buffer while you build your own forces. I think 5 dudes on the table should be enough for 1 big Teleportal rush.  This deck has 4 rares total.

Have fun!

Edit: You can change those thugs for Goblin Electromancer for a more Izzety feel. They do make those overloads faster to cast as well.

Sparkling vampire strikes back!

I was in mood for tribal stuff this week. After completing the werewolf deck… I decided to go for sparkling undead dudes. That’s right, vampires. Since I’m keeping it in theme with the werewolf however, i tried to make go as cheap as possible.

This is another beatdown deck, will probably play nicely against the werewolf deck. Must give it a try later.

4 Blood Artist
3 Stromkirk Noble
3 Bloodline Keeper
2 Bloodthrone Vampire
4 Stromkirk Captain
4 Vampire Nighthawk
2 Vampire Nocturnus
Creatures [22]

2 Dreadbore
4 Duress
3 Sign in Blood
2 Slaughter Games
3 Tragic Slip
Spells [14]

4 Evolving Wilds
6 Mountain
4 Rakdos Guildgate
10 Swamp
Lands [24]

To keep in cheap, you can interchange cards. I happen to use dreadbore since i got two from pre-release. If you dont/cant spend for a few of the rares, go with tragic slip and sign in blood for 4 copies or you can interchange with getting slaughter games to 4 copies. But you have to have a very very good predictive ability to use slaughter games. You have Blood Crypts, go for it, replace the guildgates or a few of swamps/mountains.

A tip, if you meet red/black, you can gamble slaughter games for slaughter games.. that’s hilarious. 😛