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Kami Format L5R : Family Fued

It’s a concept that someone posted on Alderac Forums and that has the caught the local environment for now. The format is simple, similar to MTG Highlander deck. You can look it up here.

* 40/40 deck.
* One copy of each card in the deck (unique, singular, non-unique) with the exception 3 copies is only your clan holding.

* One of your personality is the general (commander in mtg), he must be your clan with at least one of the following:
* Clan Champion
* Daimyo
* Kami
* Disciple of the Kami
* Loyal & Unique. (This is only last resort if possible due to some clans dont have enough qualifiers)

* Whatever is the general name, the rest of the personality base in the deck must have the same name. (For example, Hida Kuon as your general, then your entire personality base must be Hida family name)
Exception to the rule above, personality with no family name, but aligned to your clan. (For example, Houhou in Phoenix can be played, or Masakazu) And also, ronin/unaligned single name personalities, like Kuronada, Hisao. “The Mystic “is not playable since he have two words, I know, it sounds silly, but it creates less problem in rules execution of the game.

* You can bring your general into play starting from the second player’s 3rd turn as an open action. You have to pay full gold cost, +2g if you have to meet the honor requirement (blood money rules). If your general dies, you have to increase the honor requirement and gold cost by 2 each time. If your general is being put into the discard pile, you can remove it from game into a special zone for general.

* Locally, we are running it from Gold Edition onwards, which can also include CE15 special cards.
* There are banned list for the game, mostly to negate non-interactivity such as Chagatai xp 3 and 4, take initiative and instant alternate victory conditions, such as Master of Five, Claiming the Throne and such. Local playgroups may enforce their own ban list as they like, as there’s no “official” rules team on this. The same way MTG commander used to be when they are Elder Dragon Highlander format. (EDH)

The game plays the same, but it’s a challenge to build as most clans, only 2 of the family name is playable. Being a highlander, that means you need to have at least around 18-20 personalities of the same family name. Not easy to build due to lack of them. Try using and you can see that some family names have that little personalities. Such as Iuchi, Asahina, Moshi and Tamori as an example. In those cases, importing ronins or in-clan familyless peeps is the best option.

So what did I build?

I play mostly phoenix these days, there are enough players covering most of the clans, so I dont need to play all clans the way I used to. It was fun, but I also have limited deck building time these days to play all clans. So first, I have built a Shiba deck, lead by the CE champion version, Shiba Tsukimi xp 3. Stronghold, Twin Soul Temple (TST). It’s straightforward military, but have enough tricks, considering that we take from Gold Edition till Celestial Edition. Honor Lesson Dojo among them.

This format is great in the sense that most older players love to play back their almost useless old cards. Enabling this format on more consistent monthly basis allows some players even those who have left the game to come back to play.. if just to enjoy this format only.

I dont have my deck with me, so I will update this post later with a decklist. And… Now, to start building that Isawa deck…