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I made 4 decks…

…when I’m only supposed to make 2 for a Star Wars LCG game tonight. And now I can’t decide which one to run. I’m really trying to get out of the core set bomb decks but I seem to like how the coreset decks work more. Anyway, here are my two decks:

Light Side:

Renegade Squadron Shuffle (Smuggler):

Sensors Are Placed x2, Hoth Operations x2, Renegade Squadron Mobilization x2, Echo Base Defense x1, Prepare for Evacuation x1, The Defense of Yavin 4 x2.

Pile up on Hoth bonuses and whack. I’d like to make a pop up infantry deck featuring another copy of Prepare for Evacuation but the force values suck for such a high reliance on winning edge battles. The deck can win by Rogue 3’s pwnness or by locking the more prevalent threats to get them out of the way.

Skywalkers, a politician and a TRAP! (Rebel):

A Journey to Dagobah x2, Mission Briefing x1, Fleeing the Empire x2, Rumors at the Cantina x1, Draw Their Fire x1, A Hero’s Journey x2, Self Preservation x1

I realise Self Preservation is the oddball here but I want to play with new cards dammit! Anyway, this deck… is totally not about Luke. It’s all about Leia. Rescue Mission just makes the deck more irritating to deal with (as if Leia, Lightsaber and Double Strike isn’t irritating enough).

Dark Side:

A Skywalker (Imperial):

Lord Vader’s Command x2, Fall of The Jedi x2, The Emperor’s Web x2, Imperial Command x1, Counsel of the Sith x1, Black Squadron Assault x2

More thematic than anything, this is all about Vader (with a cameo appearance by the Emperor and other minor lackeys). It has a small amount of control and a very high probability of winning edge battles, due to duplicates of the big man himself. Just get any version of him out and wreck face.

That’s no Cheese Wedge… (Imperial):

The Endor Gambit x2, Death and Despayre x2, The Ultimate Power x2, Deploy the Fleet x2, A Dark Time for the Rebellion x2

This deck has a ridiculous amount of resources…. and Star Destroyers. And shields. Lots of shields. Star Destroyers can come out as early as the first turn and 2 more on the third if played correctly. Seeing that many Star Destroyers on the table is hilarious and not funny at the same time. Of course there are pods that nullifies vehicle damage and whatnot, but who cares? They’re Star Destroyers.

I’ve currently set upon the Hoth Smuggler and the Star Destroyer deck, but the mystical ways of the Force looks cool as well. I’ll most likely roll a die and decide later tonight. Will probably post a game report of sorts later but we’ll see.


Post Kotei Gaming. LCG?

Kotei season has come and gone locally. As a result of the extensive playtest. I would say that L5R burnout is in season. Everyone has left their L5R decks at home and now are waiting for the preview for Coils to start.

So what do everyone play these days?

Some have returned to magic. Ravnica is rather exciting these days and from what we’ve seen of Dragon Maze spoilers, this block is shaping up cards that people want to collect mainly due to EDH as they good cards for that format and standard gaming in general. Some of the cards are just too good to be true and probably is. I’m stepping away from this one though. I can see massive cash outflows trying to get certain rares/mythics…

Other than that, LCG is in the line. Some are playing star wars lcg from FFG. Not a bad game mind you, but still too little expansion, so card pool restriction does hurt deck building a bit. The high point of the game is the movie license. I mean, Han Solo blaster mode shot down Super star destroyer? Vader force chokes kills all? Wow. Yes please. 🙂

LCG Android: Netrunner has interesting promise. Mechanic-wise, it’s better than Star Wars LCG but due to not having much richer background of information on the story, most adopted a wait and see and for the community to grow enough to support the game.

As for me? I’m taking a bit of sabbatical from gaming weekends, but still keeping track of the latest trends in ccg/lcg (MTG/L5R/SW LCG/ANR LCG) and the like. In the meantime, time to finish that console gaming backlog…. Ni No Kuni…. Fire Emblem Awakening and the latest… Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate…. urghhh..

Death Star Alumni

This deck will definitely be updated once Chewie shows up somewhere. Anyway, a simple deck with no strategy at all in making it, but surprising options once it came out. I think this can be done with 1 core well enough by subbing out one of the Rumors at the Cantina pod with something else. No Yoda  because he didn’t even set foot in the Death Star.

Deck Created with Star Wars Deck Builder
Smugglers and Spies (Core)

Total Objective Sets: (10)

1x A Hero’s Journey (Core)
Luke Skywalker (Core)
Twi’lek Loyalist (Core)
Jedi Lightsaber (Core)
Trust Your Feelings (Core)
Dagobah Training Grounds (Core)

1x Fleeing the Empire (Core)
Leia Organa (Core)
Fleet Officer (Core)
Stolen Plans (Core)
You’re My Only Hope (Core)
Twist of Fate (Core)

1x Questionable Contacts (Core)
Han Solo (Core)
Twi’lek Smuggler (Core)
Cloud City Casino (Core)
Swindled (Core)
Crossfire (Core)

2x Rumors at the Cantina (Core)
Rebel Sympathizer (Core)
Rebel Sympathizer (Core)
Common Ground (Core)
Rescue Mission (Core)
It Could Be Worse (Core)

1x Hit and Run (Core)
Secret Informant (Core)
Secret Informant (Core)
Heat of Battle (Core)
Target of Opportunity (Core)
Twist of Fate (Core)

1x Forgotten Heroes (Core)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Core)
Jedi in Hiding (Core)
Jedi Mind Trick (Core)
Our Most Desperate Hour (Core)
Heat of Battle (Core)

1x A Journey to Dagobah (Core)
Red Five (Core)
R2-D2 (Core)
Twi’lek Loyalist (Core)
Double Strike (Core)
Target of Opportunity (Core)

1x The Secret of Yavin 4 (Core)
C-3PO (Core)
Guardian of Peace (Core)
Guardian of Peace (Core)
Lightsaber Deflection (Core)
Twist of Fate (Core)

1x Jedi Training (Core)
Jedi in Hiding (Core)
Believer in the Old Ways (Core)
Ancient Monument (Core)
Jedi Mind Trick (Core)
It Binds All Things (Core)

Some lockdown options, some negation options, a bit of brute force and the whole gang! Though in hindsight I probably should’ve included Mobilize the Squadrons instead, but then again. The entire gang didn’t really blow the Death Star up so that’ll be another deck somewhere down the line.

Best opening hand I got: Leia, Lightsaber and Double Strike. One unprotected objective down in the first turn. Ouch.

Imma gonna deflect your blaster shot to your TIE Bomber (whut?)

I’ve bitten the Star Wars LCG bug during the weekend and had a lot of fun building a couple of decks for me to fool around with. Not sure if the process is longer or shorter than normal deck building, since evaluating a pod as a whole by reading every card in it takes a bit more time at first.

The game is pretty tight, reminds me of Crusade without Supply units with A Game of Thrones economy. You can’t do a whole lot and it’s tricky keeping resources left over for Events (or bluffing). Hand management is also important in the game, surprisingly. It’s different, which presents new challenges from other games that draws 1 card each turn.

But perhaps the biggest plus is that posting a deck only takes 10 lines long (maximum anyway) this time 😛

A couple of my decks which will probably look bad/janky, but it’s a surprise to play with.


Trios Banditos (Jedi)

Fleeing the Empire x1

A Message From Beyond x2
A Hero’s Journey x2

Questionable Contacts x2

Rumors at the Cantina x1
Tribal Support x1
Hit and Run x1


The Perfect Hug (Imperial):

Cruel Interrogations x2
Shadows of Dathomir x2

Take Them Prisoner x2

The Bespin Exchange x2

Looking for Droids x1
Reconnaissance Mission x1

Boba Fett & Rancor vs. Luke & Han (with Leia as cheerleader). I’ll make Hoth centric ones for both sides later, but these two decks have interesting twists to them. Both are flexible enough to be able to play your key cards when you need to, but the Dark Side will want to hold back resources whenever they can to fuel devastating events like Detained, while the Light Side just wants to make a super monster unit to whittle down the board fast.