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Inzen’s kickstart to 2015 gaming

New year of gaming. I was card game sabbatical for most of 2014. Since i don’t have dedicated gaming time, I squeeze my time here and then between…

Since September, most of my gaming has been Destiny. A multiplayer online first person shooter on PS3/PS4/Xbox360/XboxOne. I played on PS3 and crossbuyed for PS4. The game is mainly so-so with grievance on the RNG (Random Number Generator a.k.a. Loots) but I have been staying on the game mainly due to good friends who i get to know over the course of the gaming. I still login nightly for some raids/event or just random stuff. My OCD kicked in so my daily login is mainly to get the daily loot and to increase my storage of material for future expansion House of Wolves, which will be released sometimes March… or May apparently from reddit sources.


L5R has just released the spoiler for 20 Festival, a new sort of semi base set they are doing now. Instead of once in two years base set, they release it yearly and follow sort of MTG style rotation. I’ve more or less promised the mrs that I wont buy much L5R during the Ivory arc. So I get my decks from local players to just play for fun to satisfy the cardboard addict in me.

Also of note, this year, South East Asia region here gets two kotei. Malaysia will host on the 2nd half of the year while the 1st half will be held by Singapore. Both countries have always been lumped together back the mainly due to the low number of players. But the fact is that both countries are at least 350km apart (200 miles) and nowadays have more sizeable number of players. So it’s good to have two tournament yearly as that will keep the interest locked on. Previous years, after a kotei, the interest dies down until the next year, since that’s the next major tournament.


I have always cracked a pack or two of MTG here and there, just try my luck to see whether i can strike gold mine. Case in point, so far I’ve only cracked 10 packs of the latest mtg expansion and got an Ugin. So yeah, it covered my pack cost.
The only interest thing about mtg that caught my eye is the new casual format, tiny leaders that picked up like a storm. It’s EDH lite. Meant for one-on-one. You have a commander like EDH. 50 card deck inclusive commander. Highlander 1x copy of each except basic lands. Life starts at 25 and no commander damage. Cardpool is legacy and most importantly, you can only include cards which are 3 casting cost or lower… you got that right.. 3CC or lower. X casting cost counts as 0 for the deckbuilding purposes.
Read further on this at

The leader choices are not as limited but there are some limitations. Interesting formats so far since you need only a bit of cards to 50 cards, so budget-wise its cheaper to EDH 100-cards. I’ll be building Kira first.. since I just love to hate… so i will get a decklist up soon.


There are still two card games that I got that didn’t see much play yet. I should get a move on to break it out and get some games in, but the reason i didn’t back then is I do not want to be the pioneer holding the fort like i did with L5R. So i will wait to see a healthier group before coming in. Two games i have in the backburner that i will play soon.. maybe… hopefully.
1) Doomtown Reloaded – AEG
2) Warhammer 40k LCG – FFG
The player base have increased a bit of sorts… but then, just last week, I have just got my hands on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for 3ds. GG.


2014 moving forward in gaming

Almost the end of January, Ivory edition is not released yet. I’m too lazy to print/proxy the kolat pdf, since it involves a whole lot printing, (ink wastage) and also the fact that… i’m still missing 2x Jade Petal Inn.

That card proves to be far more staple than i initially thought.

With a good base of 3g produce 3g, it also fetches 1g for 1g holdings that you can buy, ramping your gold and thin down your deck or just discard the fetched holding straight away, to thin down your deck anyway. There are at least two good holdings for that, such abundant farmlands, with straightens every turn (yours and opponent) to provide you moolahs on standby. Also, Deep harbour, which buys your 2g holdings for free. And yes, lion can also discard those 1g holdings in the early turns in the hope to speed up your dynasty cycling.

At this rate, i don’t think the market price going down anytime soon.

On the plus side though, it’s reprinted in Mantis starter. Which means that people will mass grab that one, in triplicates. Productive mine, another staple for 4g Strongholds, will be in Spider starter, so yes. People will go grabbing those as well. Expect some shortage of sorts for those starters. While brilliant, they really should have included one Jade petal and one productive mine for each clan starter to avoid the imbalanced demand.

Other card games don’t hold me much this time around. The much hyped over Vanguard has died down. I have completed most of what i want in the last few sets for Eradicators and Angel Feathers. So nothing much until BT13. I’m sticking my son into Liberator for now, he likes it. So it works i guess. I do need to fill in with the proper rares if i want to turn it competitive. As a teaching tool for now, it’s ok.

Buddyfight is not just as appealing aesthetically. Something is off with the drawing and they really should improve on that. While the mechanic is somewhat more sound than vanguard, the art is just…. off… so no to that.

I still don’t touch much standard mtg, mainly since i don’t feel like spending more outflow for the assorted rares and mythic. However, having completed my modern decks, i have a few smaller side project, being Standard Pauper. One of the local shop runs standard pauper on Sundays, so I’m very keen on joining that mainly due to the cheaper cost.

Now, if only FNM runs with Pauper would be great! However, I doubt they will, since Pauper is not exactly an accepted format for mtg due to wizards are trying to sell cards. Telling customer to stick with pauper is not the most profitable idea to do, so you can expect it to be ignored mainly.

I managed to get a cheap Vita deal. So I’m now focusing on finishing my Persona 4 Golden and finding people to play Dragon Crown with.

July 2013. Time does fly.

L5R Ivory Edition is still a long time away, at least 5-6 months down the road. I’m just waiting for arc change as I’m bored with Emperor Edition.

I’m still on ccg sabbatical. I still bought Coils of Madness, since its dual bugged. And I will probably also buy the upcoming set, Gates of Chaos (Sept 2013).

With MTG, I got lucky with Dragon Maze though, about roughly about 24 packs in total via multiple separate occasions, and got 4 Voice. Sold those during its high peak price, so I got nearly 100% profit in terms of 24 packs. Did not touch Modern Masters though, I looked at the card pool and the price and it’s not worth it. I’ve seen people cracking whole boxes and no goyf nor dark dude. So all-in-all, seems not worth at all for me. I hardly touched EDH and Modern format anyway.

M14 is around the corner. While there are good cards, since this set will support new standard post-Theros, (which is due in Sept 2013), I see it more of EDH worthy maybe. Time will tell whether the set shapes up well or just down the drain.

Had a first tourney of Star Wars LCG, I completely failed at it. Considering I bought the set in the beginning and every chapter packs but did not play it at all. So the tourney was really my first few games. So far, the game is not bad, due to its interesting twist in deck building, although if i was to summarise the game, i would say the game is about bullying. Once you reach a certain point and hit the opponent down, the game is very harsh in ensuring that a downed opponent will stay down. For now, I would say the game does not quite provide means of making comebacks.

Maybe it’s just my game/experience so far in it.

The other LCG, Android Netrunner, I’m considering to drop it. While it is interesting, I don’t feel like maintaining that much games anymore, so L5R and Star Wars LCG is about it in terms of purchase for card gaming.

That being said, Little Sensei has got into Vanguard. I did not buy into that since I’m not too keen on it, but he did drop me a nice decent deck. (Tier 2.5 maybe), but it works well in casual games i suppose, so i may give it a shot if mainly to satisfy my curiosity and OCD for knowledge.

Being on sabbatical, i have completed on a lot of backlog games… Now trying to finish Project X Zone.. before Shin Megami Tensei 4 arrives next week… argghhh…

Post Kotei Gaming. LCG?

Kotei season has come and gone locally. As a result of the extensive playtest. I would say that L5R burnout is in season. Everyone has left their L5R decks at home and now are waiting for the preview for Coils to start.

So what do everyone play these days?

Some have returned to magic. Ravnica is rather exciting these days and from what we’ve seen of Dragon Maze spoilers, this block is shaping up cards that people want to collect mainly due to EDH as they good cards for that format and standard gaming in general. Some of the cards are just too good to be true and probably is. I’m stepping away from this one though. I can see massive cash outflows trying to get certain rares/mythics…

Other than that, LCG is in the line. Some are playing star wars lcg from FFG. Not a bad game mind you, but still too little expansion, so card pool restriction does hurt deck building a bit. The high point of the game is the movie license. I mean, Han Solo blaster mode shot down Super star destroyer? Vader force chokes kills all? Wow. Yes please. 🙂

LCG Android: Netrunner has interesting promise. Mechanic-wise, it’s better than Star Wars LCG but due to not having much richer background of information on the story, most adopted a wait and see and for the community to grow enough to support the game.

As for me? I’m taking a bit of sabbatical from gaming weekends, but still keeping track of the latest trends in ccg/lcg (MTG/L5R/SW LCG/ANR LCG) and the like. In the meantime, time to finish that console gaming backlog…. Ni No Kuni…. Fire Emblem Awakening and the latest… Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate…. urghhh..

Izzit over?

The next wave of guilds are coming. So far my favourite mechanic is a tie between the Dimir’s Cipher and the Orzhov’s Extort. The cards for both guilds look smashing so far. I foresee the Dimir liking the Door Keeper a lot. But anyway, the other existing guilds will have mono colour support for Gatecrash. all the guilds will have new shiny toys in the third expansion. But for now, let’s say a brief goodbye to them as we entertain the new guilds coming up.

Before that however, the Izzet would want to say a few words with 3-5 mana or so. This is a pure Ravnica deck, not within the block. I’d say this deck is simple and cute. It’s definitely cheap though (notice how I enjoy building cheap decks as much as I can).

One Hit Wonder

Nivmagus Elemental x4
Blistercoil x4
Frostburn Weird x4
Splatter Thug x4
Guttersnipe x3
Downsize x3
Blustersquall x4
Electrickery x3
Dispel x3
Dynacharge x3
Teleportal x4
Island x9
Mountain x9
Izzet Guildgate x3

Very single minded with a nominal protection via Dispel. It’s meant to rush in and take names. The one drops double a buffer while you build your own forces. I think 5 dudes on the table should be enough for 1 big Teleportal rush.  This deck has 4 rares total.

Have fun!

Edit: You can change those thugs for Goblin Electromancer for a more Izzety feel. They do make those overloads faster to cast as well.

MBC Modern rats… rats… not enough rats….

I got too lazy. So I just took my standard deck, threw out a few cards, add in a few cards and done! I know, looking at it with the amount of kills, i would probably benefit from having a anti-hexproof, but this build is mainly to annoy people. Damnation would work well except the card is significantly expensive.

This is my first build, I will probably modify a bit more as time goes by.

Creatures (10)
4 Ravenous Rats
4 Black Cat
2 Vengeful Pharaoh

Artifact (3)
2 Staff of Nin
1 Elixir of Immortality

Instant / Sorcery (23)
2 Ultimate Price
2 Tragic Slip
3 Barter in Blood
3 Murder
4 Duress
4 Sign in Blood
2 Go for the Throat
3 Appetite for Brains

Lands (24)
24 Swamp

Discard deck…. something simple for now…. lol.

FNM Mandatory Modern, are you serious?

I chanced upon a very interesting news this morning.

Apparantly, WoTC has made it mandatory for shops/club/places that runs FNM to register, from Jan 2013 onwards, their FNM alternatively between Standard Format and Modern. You heard that right, Modern Format.

I was like wtf! I was just getting into standard slowly, but now you’re telling me its modern? I’m not totally surprised that this happens, since its obvious to me that in the UK and US States, Modern is being heavily pushed. But for some parts of Asia, like in my area, the number of Modern cards are hardly found. Especially with regards to rares and mythics. We have to rely on overseas market for it and that would clearly hamper the groups’s growth further.

Most likely, I will build a deck from the scraps of commons/uncommons that i still keep of older cards. Since frankly, Pauper format is exactly a format of commons from Modern. So, basically, pauper players are somewhat ready for modern, but not fully ready against full fledged modern with the more prominent power rares.

Will this pick off well? Hard to say. I was trying to get a copy Blood Moon for my EDH and I couldn’t even find a single copy locally. So what about the more staple modern cards?

Tarmogoyf, one of the defining strong creature in modern… is going for an average of usd90…. PER PIECE! That doesn’t even take into account of Zendikar fetch lands which is USD30 per piece.

Do note that this stumbling block doesn’t stops my creativity, I pledge to complete a cheap modern deck, cheap being the modern’s benchmark cheap. USD20 for the whole deck? Maybe cheaper. We will see in the next article. Of course I make no guarantee of the competitiveness to take on some tier 1 decks.

Sparkling vampire strikes back!

I was in mood for tribal stuff this week. After completing the werewolf deck… I decided to go for sparkling undead dudes. That’s right, vampires. Since I’m keeping it in theme with the werewolf however, i tried to make go as cheap as possible.

This is another beatdown deck, will probably play nicely against the werewolf deck. Must give it a try later.

4 Blood Artist
3 Stromkirk Noble
3 Bloodline Keeper
2 Bloodthrone Vampire
4 Stromkirk Captain
4 Vampire Nighthawk
2 Vampire Nocturnus
Creatures [22]

2 Dreadbore
4 Duress
3 Sign in Blood
2 Slaughter Games
3 Tragic Slip
Spells [14]

4 Evolving Wilds
6 Mountain
4 Rakdos Guildgate
10 Swamp
Lands [24]

To keep in cheap, you can interchange cards. I happen to use dreadbore since i got two from pre-release. If you dont/cant spend for a few of the rares, go with tragic slip and sign in blood for 4 copies or you can interchange with getting slaughter games to 4 copies. But you have to have a very very good predictive ability to use slaughter games. You have Blood Crypts, go for it, replace the guildgates or a few of swamps/mountains.

A tip, if you meet red/black, you can gamble slaughter games for slaughter games.. that’s hilarious. 😛

Werewolf Runs. Step aside sparkling vampires.

With the upcoming Twilight movie, (in fact release last weekend?), i decided to build a fun werewolf deck. Initially was supposed to be for someone who didn’t want to enter standard environment, but i decided to build it for myself anyway.

This is a standard deck, post ravnica. I tried to keep it in theme so It’s not competitive tier 1 deck, but it’s still fun to play something in theme. And i tried to keep within a certain budget. So certain obvious choice, like huntmaster is not included.

Simple beat down deck, come out creatures, swing. Try to get a copy of immerwolf in play and transform your other dudes. As long as immerwolf in play, your transformed werewolves will not transform back. But even without it, most of the wolves can handle themselves well alone.

4 Immerwolf
3 Instigator Gang
4 Kruin Outlaw
4 Mayor of Avabruck
4 Reckless Waif
2 Scorned Villager
4 Somberwald Sage
2 Kessig Cagebreakers
3 Pyreheart Wolf

4 Evolving Wilds
7 Forest
2 Kessig Wolf Run
5 Mountain
4 Rootbound Crag

2 Moonmist

4 Full Moon’s Rise
2 Descendants’ Path

I tried to keep the deck cheap, but Kessig Wolf Run is needed to get it running. Rootbound Crag is fairly cheap, so no problems there. The sideboard is open, but i presume anti-enchantment/artifact is good and some removals. I havent decided what to sideboard for the moment. 

It’s a fun deck to bring out for your FNM for the laughs


Going in early into the Orzhov Guildgate

Now granted, Gatecrasher is just around the corner. But it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you need some stuff from the current set to make the next 5 guilds to shine. I have with me a deck that won’t break your bank that you can whet your appetite for Orzhov (got that as my guild test result, so yeah). It’s kinda blitzy though, with almost equal distribution of black and white.


Azorius Arrester x4
Fencing Ace x4
Daggerdome Imp x4
Thrillkill Assassin x4

Soul Tithe x4
Ethereal Armor x4
Sphere of Safety x2
Deviant Glee x4
Stab Wound x4

Swift Justice x3
Ultimate Price x3

Plains x10
Swamp x10

Very cheap, very blitzy. You can Soul Tithe your own dudes if you’re desperate to feed Ethereal Armor because they’re so cheap anyway. The key here is obviously to get the Fencing Ace in to wreck face, but really, an armour clad lifelink imp can work wonders too.

A lot of the debt flavour of the Orzhov seeps through via Soul Tithe, Sphere of Safety and to an extent, even Stab Wound. And really, why wouldn’t the Orzhov have some of the Azorius police and thrillseeking Rakdos under their pockets as well to do their dirty jobs for them right?