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Knife fight tactics with giant space ships

Just a few ideas that I want to spew out. I classify Firestorm Armada as an old school type of game where the numbers actually dictate how you play each unit instead of special abilities (with the exception of RnD Cruisers).

So how do we at least have a clue on roughly how to play our chosen fleet? I based mine on a few stats. Oddly enough, Move is not one of it.

1) Gun placements and AP: These will determine how your ships will make their approach in attacking. The placement of the guns will give you a clue on how to make your attack runs.

Fixed/Arc forward? Lay back and pepper away shots, keeping your speed low as you want to cause as much damage as possible. With fixed forward though, you might want to overlap your ship placements because of the narrow field of fire.

Starboard/Port? Go in as fast as possible and be in the thick of it. Your side guns work in a drive by kind of attack. So being in the thick of it is the best way to get your shots out as much as possible. Race towards the enemy fast and be mindful to use covers as much as possible to mask your advance.

Aft? As above. Not really an attack strategy but a good defense mechanism.

AP is sort of an attack of opportunity. If you have high AP, then hanging around after the first barrage of guns softened up your target would be ideal as you want to board them. It’s also an indicator if you need to close up on the target or not.

2) Shields and DR: This one will dictate whether you can go full steam ahead in the open on scramble for cover as you go along. A lack of shields or DR would make your advance slow as you try to manipulate terrain to your advantage. An abundance of it means you can go to where you want to go quickly and directly.

3) Flight Wings: Here’s the final clincher. Wings are small insects that can do a lot of harm if left alone. They’re fragile against everything but provide you with a cheap way to spam your activations. Small Wing size don’t last very long and will deteriorate fast every turn. Big wing size is counter productive to your goals to spam activations in the first place.

So buy and split your wings as you see fit. Be warned though, Wings won’t give you any cards. Outlasting an opponent in terms of activations can also be a winning strategy in itself, though it should only be deployed if you don’t have a heavy hitter that can withstand/give a lot of punishment or if your tactics rely on a lot of activations.

So take a good hard look at those numbers and come up with a game plan that fits (or defies, if you want to catch the enemy off-guard and have a damn good way to trap him). Roughly know what arcs of fire are advantageous to you and your opponent and try to use that to your advantage. Deciphering stat numbers will give you a rough idea on how to deploy your fleet as well as anticipating how your opponent will deploy theirs.


On RED ALERT!!! The need for speed!

There’s a 90% chance that I’ll be on gaming hiatus for the next 4 month-ish or so (or shorter).  The baby can safely come out after 2 more weeks but she’s due for 2 more months. So anything goes from here on end and my area of roaming just got a lot more smaller, at least until after confinement. So in the meantime, my gaming fix will have to be stoked with collecting at a snail’s pace and thinking up of new lists/decks while I’m out to keep me fresh and updated.

If WM Malaysia doesn’t die after 4 months, I’ll be back with a Strakhov Black Ops list (and another hybrid) as well as a Constance Army of Light list, both at around 35 points or so (maybe 50, since it’s not really a big jump to get there). It will be faster if someone wants to buy my current Khador stuff that I find to be lackluster atm. Yes, jack heavy can become boring. Who would’ve thunk?

In the meantime I’ll have to devise either a deck, list or play style that can let me conclude a game within an hour and a half at most, since I foresee myself only having a couple of hours at most to game from this point on. So tournament plays are going to be a little bit tricky to get by >.> So that means I’ll be looking at techniques that’ll save time on the table and get multi coloured dice (with specific purposes) to speed up rolls and record keeping. I’ll be sharing those here as well, of course :p And there’s that ever going search for the fastest speed paint tech I can find to get my army up and running at break neck speed. Also need to revise on a card cataloging system to build decks faster too. Storage issues will be studied for fast access.

And I got 4 months to do it 🙂 Fun.

Warp Speed Ensign Sulu!

Space battles, simple rules and 500 points right off the box. That’s Firestorm Armada for you. It’s a game with a cheap start-up and an equally cheaper expansion plan. Since each blister is somewhat a reliant unit of its own, you use them right away upon purchase. But the main highlight of the game is the ships.

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they have differing designs to tickle most fancy. When you can have this become a reality:

A picture is worth a thousand words

…you know you have something fun there :p

For me, it reminds me of big EVE online fleet battles. Though this game has proper starfighters housed within the battleships and carriers this time, making it more akin to Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars. Got meself a fleet of Relthozan which look like EVE online’s Caldari ships. I have half a mind of mass producing Merlin-like fighter tokens :p

The models are crisp, but the flash is annoying. I think I kinda marred the window details of the cruisers but eh, no worries. Putting them on stands are a challenge too. I’m thinking of just gluing them on and hope the stems don’t break off during transport (yeah…. transport is another issue). The good thing is that the battleship is a little over 6 inches long. The bad thing is that there are no known army foams that support Firestorm Armada’s unique footprint.

Already assembled, removed the flashes, cleaned and primed the models. Tonight I’ll finish them off by painting them in a factory assembly line style, using only 1 colour at a time. Hopefully I can get it down in a couple of hours.