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Malifaux: Fire and Ice

Just a quick run through with Malifaux Crew builder and I stumbled across this delightful list:

Arcanist, 35 Soul Stones.

Rasputina + Avatar of Famine

– Essence of Power


– Essence of Power

Fire Gamin x2

Ice Gamin x2

Soul Stone: 8

Yes…. It’s a cheesy list, but easily achievable by buying two starters, the avatar box and a couple of blisters. If you forgo the avatar and the totems, you’ll end up with:



Ice Gamin x3

Fire Gamin x3

Soul Stone: 7

Which, doesn’t seem half bad at all. All I know is that these gamins have a habit of exploding upon dying and they speed off quite well. Kaeris takes advantage of the Fire Gamins while the Ice Gamins and Rasputina are just there to be nasty. Did I tell you the Gamins explode? πŸ˜›

p/s: This is theory Malifaux at its infancy. But fret not, there will be a time when this list will be tested. I’ll give an update when that’s been done.


Flame on! A burning entry into Malifaux

For the record, I didn’t intend to get into this game. But, oh well πŸ˜›

Anyway, with the new expansion Twisted Fates out, I stumbled across one of the newer starter boxes: Kaeris, from the Arcanist faction. But before I delve into that, here’s a 10 second intro on what Malifaux is:

There’s a world/place called Malifaux that’s rich with Soul Stones, which fuels magic and other awesome stuff. So portals started opening from other dimensions/worlds leading to it. And the people who know about it wants the Soul Stones all for themselves. So that’s why you see gremlins, undead, cowboys, steampunk constructs and victorian stuff get mixed up in one game. It all makes sense if you can wrap your head around it. Like Warmachine, there’s a central Warcaster-like figure called the Master. And the army is called a Crew. The biggest divert from other wargames is that it uses a deck of cards instead of dice, but everything else is the same. There’s no front arc like Anima Tactics and each character has a chockful of abilities.

Anyway, Kaeris. She’s no Master, in fact, she’s just a Henchman. But she can have her own crew while any of her Arcanist Masters are not available for some reason. She has a very limited list to build her army with, but that might change with future expansions. So her starter comes with 3 Fire Gamins and 2 Gunsmiths, totalling 24 Soul Stone’s worth of Crew in the box. Getting it up to 30 is as easy as buying another 6+pt model. I haven’t played a game with her yet but she looks awesome. Already I’m thinking up of sculting a flame base for her and some random normal bases for the rest.

But from what I can see from her cards, the models synergize well with each other. The abilities and Kaeris’ own spell list end up giving bonuses or opportunities to inflict major pain (especially to those that are burning). But her play style is a bit suicidal I think? A ranged spell caster that likes to be thick in the action is the ultimate form of risk I can think of in a miniatures game. I’ll know more after playing it atΒ  an upcoming local tournament (or maybe a random scrap or two). But I intend to fully paint and base my crew before use, which might be sooner than I think. Stay tuned for pics!

List making….

Making lists for miniature armies are not always easy nor straightforward. Some points to a certain one trick pony strategy while other favour flexibility when building. Others, like me, got sucked into the looks and then figure out how to include them later :p I’m going for another angle which is not really alien to some players: gradual point increments. This method is very useful if you have a LOT of minis resulting in a lot of possible combinations.

The advantage of this method is that you can mix and match and actually play with your entire collection from time to time on the wire. Meaning you don’t have to spend a lot of time building a list on the fly if you want to try a different angle on the game.

In Warmachine, you start off with 15, then it bumps up to 10 at a time, except with the 15 point jump to 50. (15,25,35,50). Unless you’re aiming for Unbound, in which case it’ll be a whopping 100 pt jump from 50.

In Anima Tactics, you start off at a kiddie level of 150 and basically have 50 level increments. Usually a 100 level increment is also convenient.

By keeping in mind of these progression points, you can categorize a group easily and fish your models out of the bag fast. At most, 3 units can belong to one group for simplicity’s sake. Anymore than that and you’ll be spending a lot of time figuring out what to put anyway.

Here’s something simple to try out:

For WM/H: Say it’s a 10 pt increment. hat can be one unit + 1 solo, 1 jack + 1 solo or one maxed out unit or one super expensive jack.

For Anima’s 100pt increment, it’ll be a 55/45, 60/40, 65/35 or 50/50. Anything more than that and it deserves it’s own spot with points carried forward.

By no means will this approach make your list to be super cool broken, but it’ll make selections easier and faster and hopefully lots of fun next time you bring your army bag for a game πŸ™‚


A malifaux link.

As days goes by, this blog tends to get random gaming info. Today, I was looking into Malifaux, i had a starter all the while but never bothered to paint, assemble or play it, since the local gaming on Malifuax is very minimal. But I chanced upon a very good review of Malifaux, so i’m posting it here linked. Have a read, it’s a nicely written article.