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MBC Modern rats… rats… not enough rats….

I got too lazy. So I just took my standard deck, threw out a few cards, add in a few cards and done! I know, looking at it with the amount of kills, i would probably benefit from having a anti-hexproof, but this build is mainly to annoy people. Damnation would work well except the card is significantly expensive.

This is my first build, I will probably modify a bit more as time goes by.

Creatures (10)
4 Ravenous Rats
4 Black Cat
2 Vengeful Pharaoh

Artifact (3)
2 Staff of Nin
1 Elixir of Immortality

Instant / Sorcery (23)
2 Ultimate Price
2 Tragic Slip
3 Barter in Blood
3 Murder
4 Duress
4 Sign in Blood
2 Go for the Throat
3 Appetite for Brains

Lands (24)
24 Swamp

Discard deck…. something simple for now…. lol.


FNM Mandatory Modern, are you serious?

I chanced upon a very interesting news this morning.

Apparantly, WoTC has made it mandatory for shops/club/places that runs FNM to register, from Jan 2013 onwards, their FNM alternatively between Standard Format and Modern. You heard that right, Modern Format.

I was like wtf! I was just getting into standard slowly, but now you’re telling me its modern? I’m not totally surprised that this happens, since its obvious to me that in the UK and US States, Modern is being heavily pushed. But for some parts of Asia, like in my area, the number of Modern cards are hardly found. Especially with regards to rares and mythics. We have to rely on overseas market for it and that would clearly hamper the groups’s growth further.

Most likely, I will build a deck from the scraps of commons/uncommons that i still keep of older cards. Since frankly, Pauper format is exactly a format of commons from Modern. So, basically, pauper players are somewhat ready for modern, but not fully ready against full fledged modern with the more prominent power rares.

Will this pick off well? Hard to say. I was trying to get a copy Blood Moon for my EDH and I couldn’t even find a single copy locally. So what about the more staple modern cards?

Tarmogoyf, one of the defining strong creature in modern… is going for an average of usd90…. PER PIECE! That doesn’t even take into account of Zendikar fetch lands which is USD30 per piece.

Do note that this stumbling block doesn’t stops my creativity, I pledge to complete a cheap modern deck, cheap being the modern’s benchmark cheap. USD20 for the whole deck? Maybe cheaper. We will see in the next article. Of course I make no guarantee of the competitiveness to take on some tier 1 decks.