Oh well, might as well. Shaping the Anarch

Here’s what happens when Kate hangs out with Noise too much:

Shaper (Kate McCaffrey)

Cyberfeeder x3
Spinal Modem x2
The Toolbox x2
Rabbit Hole x3

Aesop’s Pawnshop x2
The Helpful AI x3

Modded x3
Tinkering x3
Diesel x3
The Maker’s Eye x3
Sure Gamble x3
Infiltration x2

Magnum Opus x3
Battering Ram x3
Gordian Blade x2
pipeline x3
ZU.13 Key Master x2

It’s meant to be as flexible as possible by trying to hit all sides at once. Credit generation is fast to allow for a sudden spurt towards your target.

Edit: Actually, I posted the deck earlier with an unhealthy mixture of lack of sleep and fatigue. What the deck REALLY does is taking the concept of running for free from the Anarchs and mixing it with the Shaper’s flexibility in handling multiple types of ice. The amount of links could’ve been much more, but an instant jump with the Rabbit Holes should suffice.

You’ll bump into one of the consoles sooner or later and there are a few buffers that you can feed it to Aesop. You’ll especially want to trash Spinal Modem to Aesop once you have a good amount of cash and The Toolbox in your hand.

A bit event happy but I like it. Especially when those Cyberfeeders are on the board.


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