Netrunner first noob deck! NBN plays tag

I think this is the downgrade version of the NBN Tag and Bag deck. It’s money heavy for one, but it accelerates fast with the sole intent of getting the runner flatlined as fast as possible.

NBN: Making News (45 cards)

Agendas (20 points):
AstroScript Pilot Program x1
Breaking News x3
Private Security Force x3
Restructured Datapool x3

Melange Mining Corp x2
Pad Campaign x3

Red Herring x3

Anonymous Tip x3
Closed Accounts x3
Hedge Fund x3
Scorched Earth x3 (other less exciting alternatives would be Snare and Project Junebug)
Beanstalk Royalties x3

Tollbooth x3
Raven x3
TMI x3 (perhaps Hunter/Draco would be more in theme here though)
Matrix Analyzer x3

Too straightforward? Perhaps. The initial version runs Snares and Adonis Campaign and SanSan City Grid, but they slow down the deck by quite a bit (enough to lose, apparently). The general idea is to:

a) Score Restructured Datapool/Breaking News

b) Kill with Private Security Force or Scorched Earth.

I’m partial to use Beanstalk Royalties because of the fast turnover. The Pad Campaign and Melange Mining Corp is cheap enough for a quick turnaround that I don’t mind them that much.

I tend to use the Anonymous Tip aggressively, but hey, when you need to fish fast….

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