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Shooty Jade


I guess you can say that this deck was born out of frustration of not having the right answers all the time. It then occurred to me that most answers to almost everything is shooting them in the face.

This is a classic tempo control deck. Clear your opponent’s board while filling up your own. While you can go for the face with this deck, it wouldn’t fare so well. This deck is not fast and you have to exercise restrain to get the most out of it since card draw is almost non-existent in this deck.

This deck is fun to play and you’d get a kick out of it.


Tempo Jade Rogue v2: Faster and Beefier

While the previous Jade Rogue deck that I made was very specific, it was dead slow and prone to being swarmed if the right cards weren’t out to soak early damage. So I took the base tempo concept and reworked it into the deck. Not only is the deck faster, but it stopped being reliant on the Jade Spirit bounce mechanic and have more ways to win.


Initially Argent Horserider took the slot of C’thun’s Chosen. But due to the fact that it’s phasing out soon, I had to look for other similar alternatives to take its slot. The Chosen has the right amount of beef that made it more than ideal for the slot. Although I lost a bit of speed, but for 1 mana more I got twice the amount of attack/health. Putting a combo’ed Cold Blood on a shielded Chosen is scary.

I suppose We can make this work at a flat 1000 Dust by putting in Chillwind Yeti instead, but I’ll lose the ability to take on larger creatures but a 4/5 is nothing to sneeze at either.

And this deck can swarm the board early, though a single Consencrate can likely wipe everything. So it’s important to keep the minimum number or minions on the board that poses a threat to draw out those AoE’s.

Jade Rogue on a Reasonable Budget

I’ve been trying to crack Jade Rogue for a while now and couldn’t really get a bead on it. The usual N’Zoth Jade Rogue decks are expensive, my aim is to at least hit a 1500 Dust budget. It took me a while, but the best solution is often the simplest:



Don’t let the curve fool you, this is not a quick deck. In fact it’s pretty mid-range to slow. How the deck runs is pretty simple:

Put down the Jade Spirit over and over again. That’s it.

With the Brewmasters and Shadowstep, you should be able to put up a decent sized golem that will wreck face. Don’t be afraid to bounce back your Sunfury Protector or Coldlight Oracle if you need to however.

While the concept of the deck is simple, playing it is another matter. It’s a pretty nuanced game play that can get you in trouble if you mess up your mana calculation and timing.

The opening hand should contain one of your Jade thingies, regardless of the cost. Chuck out anything else until you have them. You don’t really care what happens to your golems, but your Jade Spirit has to be kept alive at all cost. Lose that, you won’t have a sustainable way to put down more golems.

I have half a mind to try out N’Zoth’s Tentacles in place of Betrayal/Bladed Cultist for that sweet board wipe.