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Back to Basics: Rogue 101

I decided to take the chill pill and revisit some fundamentals. Came up with this deck on a theory that the best kill cards does not have to come from your deck. The premise is simple: Keep the board clear of threats and build up your own. Pummel and repeat.


As you can see, there’s nothing startling or stellar about the line up. But it performed better than my Jade Rogue deck. Journey Below and Undercity Huckster really have to pull their weight here to provide the deck with finishers. The rest is crowd control. Don’t expect any minion you plug Cold Blood on to survive, so putting it on a 1/1 is perfectly fine (though you’d like the Divine Shielded one if you have the opportunity).

As you can see, the curve is heavily skewed to the 1 drops, this is because they have the most bang for buck when trying to pull off combo abilities.

While this might not be the best performing deck, for a new Rogue player this will make a good starting point to tinker around to make your own deck. It has the best tools Rogue has to offer that’s still legal in the Season of the Mammoth.

Like my other budget decks, the main key to play this deck is to play what you need, not what you can. Expect your board to be wiped at any time and hold on to the cards you need to re-take the board after your opponent has populated it.