Finally the Mabinogi. Sorry Hearthstone.


Don’t get me wrong, I love Hearthstone. But then Inzen, who introduced me to that game introduced me to Mabinogi Duel… and I forgot that I ever played Hearthstone while I was playing this game.

Where to start? The game has cheesy fan-servicy artwork as you would expect from Asian originated card games. Yet the biggest draw of the game is that your deck is 12 cards. And you start the game with every card in your hand. Resource generation is 1 per type per turn but you can charge by spending an action to get more.

While Haerthstone’s minion arena is 7 spaces wide, Mabinogi is 5. The other difference is that creatures in Mabinogi only attack the space directly across them, where in Hearthstone you can dictate who you want to attack.

But with only 12 cards, wouldn’t that diminish your option quickly? Not really, but in a way, yes. One of the actions you can take is Revive, where you take back all the cards in your graveyard back into your hand and take 1 damage for each card returned. On top of that, cards that went to the graveyard costs 1 more extra resource to play. So the more you rely on one card, the more expensive it will be to play it later.

But the main draw of the game is that there are a lot more play options for you to explore. Want a story based game with okay dialogues and character development? Play the guide comics. There’s also phantom based matches where you play against another player’s deck played by the AI, or an actual pvp match where you really duke it out against another player live.

If that doesn’t stop you, you can also open up your own card store, selling cards to other players for gold (the standard currency of the game). And opening a personal store is free too.

But don’t take my word for it. Just go ahead and play it. Let’s see if you forgot about Hearthstone too like I did.


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