Rogue Quest. Ewwww… Not a deck list

I don’t think I’ll ever write a deck list for a Rogue Quest deck. Despite the earlier misgivings, the deck is really easy to make and really hard to counter unless you do so from turn 1. I don’t get the feeling that it’s fun after I pulled it off at turn 5 or so. The trick to pull it off really cheap? Those damn Fire Elementals.

I get that the quest are supposed to be the endgame for all decks, but the Rogue one is so ridiculously easy to build. The deck doesn’t even need the Mimic Pods to run (though it’s nice if you managed to pod the Deathrattle Fire Elemental dude) and it’s still fast.

Some guys even concede the moment I played the 1/2 dudes twice in a turn (despite the rest of my hand being trash, but they don’t know that). But there are good close fights between Quest decks. The worst is Rogue Quest vs Rogue Quest, as it just ends up being the first person who can pull the quest off. It doesn’t matter if you have board control or not, you will recover quickly.

That being said, the plant theme for Rogue is interesting, though I can see that it’s vastly inferior to the quest deck at this point. But the card that picques my interest the most right now in Rogue is Vilepsine Slayer. Same cost as Assassinate, does the same thing, but it has legs and a big mouth (3/4, not too shabby).

Another instant staple is Hallucination. You can get some really good pulls with it if you’re lucky.


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