Stealth Rogue

I was watching an old video from Kripparian (if a few months is considered old) when he tackles Stealth Rogue by featuring the Shadow Rager. Now I don’t have the exact cards he does but the concept is interesting, plus it makes thematic sense compared to… oh… Jade Golems.

Here’s my take on it:


The biggest change from Krip’s deck is that I wanted my 1 drops to be beefy. I’m not too perturbed about healing my opponent with Mistress of Mixtures, at least I’m not giving my opponent a more threatening edge, like cards. The rest are control elements and the stealth dudes as the heavy hitters.

But they only hit heavy after a visit from Shadow Sensei teaching them about Cold Blood. Hit the minion with Master of Disguise afterwards, that big stealth minion is ready for round 2. Keep the Sap for that big taunter that will show up after you pull off this stealthy trick.

Good substitutes to consider:

Patient Assassin. This is infinitely better than Emperor Cobra. Though the latter is fat, it’s really vulnerable the moment it hits the table unless you follow if up with Master of Disguise.

Shaku, the Collector. The poster boy of stealth play. Card draw is always awesome.



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