New Rogue 500

More cheap experimentations. This time I’m cutting down the Rare down to 1 and bumping up the common count up to 10. What this does is that it gives me more room to explore and out in cooler stuff at such a small Dust budget.

What I came up was a deck that was surprisingly able to climb up the Rank ladder by quite a bit (since I’ve been on 20 forever for the last 2 seasons, getting to 17 after playing this deck for 20 minutes is a bit of a fresh air).

Also, my favourite deck builder, is back up. Yay!


I had a bit of a headache trying to determine what single Rare I should put in. After much deliberation, I decided on the fake Coin because it fires up my combos for free AND it boosts my tempo by one mana. This is quite significant because lots of stuff can come out one whole turn earlier.

Also bumped up the minion removal for a semblance of early board control. A single Assassinate is in there but that odd 17 health taunter that pops up from time to time (naturally, only Priests could come up with that).

I have not idea what’s the ideal mulligan rule honestly, but follow your gut. Sometimes, leaving a 5 cost card in your starting hand might not be such a bad thing in the long run, as you no longer have to fish it out.


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