Tempo Jade Rogue v2: Faster and Beefier

While the previous Jade Rogue deck that I made was very specific, it was dead slow and prone to being swarmed if the right cards weren’t out to soak early damage. So I took the base tempo concept and reworked it into the deck. Not only is the deck faster, but it stopped being reliant on the Jade Spirit bounce mechanic and have more ways to win.


Initially Argent Horserider took the slot of C’thun’s Chosen. But due to the fact that it’s phasing out soon, I had to look for other similar alternatives to take its slot. The Chosen has the right amount of beef that made it more than ideal for the slot. Although I lost a bit of speed, but for 1 mana more I got twice the amount of attack/health. Putting a combo’ed Cold Blood on a shielded Chosen is scary.

I suppose We can make this work at a flat 1000 Dust by putting in Chillwind Yeti instead, but I’ll lose the ability to take on larger creatures but a 4/5 is nothing to sneeze at either.

And this deck can swarm the board early, though a single Consencrate can likely wipe everything. So it’s important to keep the minimum number or minions on the board that poses a threat to draw out those AoE’s.


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