Jade Rogue on a Reasonable Budget

I’ve been trying to crack Jade Rogue for a while now and couldn’t really get a bead on it. The usual N’Zoth Jade Rogue decks are expensive, my aim is to at least hit a 1500 Dust budget. It took me a while, but the best solution is often the simplest:



Don’t let the curve fool you, this is not a quick deck. In fact it’s pretty mid-range to slow. How the deck runs is pretty simple:

Put down the Jade Spirit over and over again. That’s it.

With the Brewmasters and Shadowstep, you should be able to put up a decent sized golem that will wreck face. Don’t be afraid to bounce back your Sunfury Protector or Coldlight Oracle if you need to however.

While the concept of the deck is simple, playing it is another matter. It’s a pretty nuanced game play that can get you in trouble if you mess up your mana calculation and timing.

The opening hand should contain one of your Jade thingies, regardless of the cost. Chuck out anything else until you have them. You don’t really care what happens to your golems, but your Jade Spirit has to be kept alive at all cost. Lose that, you won’t have a sustainable way to put down more golems.

I have half a mind to try out N’Zoth’s Tentacles in place of Betrayal/Bladed Cultist for that sweet board wipe.






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  1. I hate Jade decks. After a while I run out of answers for the ever growing golems.

  2. It’s not as dirty as Jade Druid, but oddly satisfying to run. Like all of my decks, this one doesn’t break the bank.

  3. This deck want Sergeant Salty in it. Got it off chance with Journey and combo-ed it with Cold Blood and Sunfury Protector. It was glorious to see so many beefed up murlocks scream in pain.

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