Secret Paladin 500

I finally got around to do it, the secret paladin 500. Right off the bat, this deck suffers the consistency issue as Rogue 500, it’s missing the key card, which is an epic: Mysterious Stranger.

The deck is actually a tempo deck similar in pacing with the Rogue 500, though it’s missing that final push to deal in surprise damage other than Blessing of Kings.


The most interesting card in the deck is perhaps the Steward of Darkshire, which works awesome with Noble Sacrifice and the Bluegill Warrior. Might change the murloc with Wolfrider, but we’ll see how this deck performs. The curve sent warning signs to my brain:


That must be the most lopsided curve I have ever built. This is one deck where the Boulderfist Ogres might be a better fit than the Rocketeers, but it still needs a fair bit of testing to see how it goes.

I’ll definitely revisit this deck again after playing with it for a bit.

Addendum: Okay I’ve played with it for a bit. This deck is even more fun than the Hunter 500 and Warrior 500 combined (though I still like my rogue 500 deck more). Definitely a worthy Gold farmer.


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