Secret Paladin 500 v2

I think this is the only non-Rogue deck within the 500 series that got a revision. I got hooked to this deck. It’s just so explosive and it’s not hard to pull off. Here’s where version 2 is right now:


Now the whole deck hinges on Steward of Darkshire, for better or for worse. A Divine Shielded Magma Rager is not something anybody would like to face on a regular basis. Plus with the Steward, the card is finally playable (kinda). Rallying Blade is there for the Stand Against Darkness + Steward of Darkshire combo. The Shattered Sun Clerics also bow out for Raid Leaders, which fits well in this deck.


It’s a predominantly mid-range deck now, with the 3 cost bracket receiving a huge jump, draining the 1 and 2 cost cards from the previous version.

Dang… I might actually like this more than my Rogue 500 deck.


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  1. I hear the original Secret Paladin deck is still very powerful in Wild.

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