Rogue 500 v3

I was in the middle of building a Secret Paladin 500 deck when I revisited this deck by accident. I noticed that my Defender of Argus was quickly becoming an under utilized card because of how rare two of my minions survived by the time I have enough crystals to cast DoA.

And although the Raid Leader was supposed to bump up the tempo by buffing anyone, the situation where more than 1 minion is buffed up is rare due to the efficient removal play from anyone playing in Ranked.

Yes, this deck is becoming quite a handful in Ranked play as well, performing better than my other 2 decks.


DoA worked in the original deck posted here because of the minion count created by Defias Ringleader. So enter the Murloc Tidehunters. Why not the Razorfen Hunter? They have better stats at 2/3. Sadly the 3 cost versus 2 cost contributes to the argument. I’ll be able to set up 2 quick chump blockers one turn earlier. Turn 6 is where things get ugly and I’d like to weather the beats or protect my squishy beaters that already have Cold Blood on them.

With this I can substitute one of the Hucksters for DoA. The Huckster is nice when it gives you juicy options to play with, but it lacks the punch or the ability for the deck to weather big minions for a turn or two.

The Shieldmastas are good blockers for 4 cost. Decent damage and a healthy backside, they do the job better than DoA especially when there’s no other minions on the table. They also give the deck added resilience, which is lacking.

The curve is a bit tighter (though not by much):


Although it’s a blitzy curve, the deck can really play a long game if you manage to handle threats from your opponent efficiently. It packs quite a punch. Want a killing blow? Bluegill with a couple of Cold Blood in turn 4 can make your opponent sweat a lot. Shadowstepping Reckless Rocketeer is still an awesome finishing move. Or just Geomancer and both Eviscerates. These are all 10 damage combos that serve as reliable finishers.

Give it a try.


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