Pirate Warrior 500

It was inevitable. The entire 500 series favours the blitz decks because the cards in basic are efficient enough to run them. As usual, this is great for farming gold in Casual, not so hot if you want to run it in Ranked.


Some concessions needed to be taken, like subbing out the Bloodsail cultist for Naga Corsairs for example. The single rare in the deck is Mortal Strike, for dealing that extra bit of damage to seal the deal. The rest is pretty simple to run.


As expected, the curve is heavily skewed to the 2 cost range. This is slower than the souped up Pirate Warrior that everyone is used to, but it should give those just starting out a taste on what it’s like. Also, it runs hot from the get go, so take no prisoners and expect none.

And yes, there’s that odd Elven Archer there. Hmmm…


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