Hunter 500

Trying out another class that can be awesome with a small budget of 500 Dust. I made my first Hunter Blitz deck with 560, so it’s just a matter of time before I find the recipe to trim it down to 500.

But this time, we’ll be going with the ever popular Secret Hunter deck and dumbing it down.


We’re missing the ever important Cloaked Huntress, there’s nothing we can do about that since that’s over budget if you don’t have the moolah to do Adventures. We also don’t have Quick Shot in here. Arcane Shot is a poor replacement but we take what we can get.

Like the Rogue 500, this is a good gold farming deck if you don’t mind sticking it to Casual. But with a bit of luck this deck will be great in Ranked too.

It kinda plays the same way as Rogue 500, but with crack. But this is a really glass cannon deck and damn fun to play with.

And I saved the best for last, the curve:


Now isn’t that just pretty?


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