Rogue 500 Upgraded


Tempo is a turn slower if you start first, but the 2 drop range is more solid. The Huckster is a beast in this deck and it can pull some crazy cards when it dies, even if the cards pulled are random. Simplest way to make sure he dies every time is to put Cold Blood on him.

The curve is also a bit more blitzy:


Yet this is the first time I’ve built a deck where all cost ranges are represented. I suppose you could run Boulderfist Ogres instead in the 6 cost slot, but the lack of charge really hurts this deck a bit. Getting those Bluegill Warriors in there was the best thing I did.

Perhaps the only mismatch in the deck is the Elven Archer, but they have proved to be useful in assisting minion kill or occasionally player kill. Have a bunch of 2/2’s and the opponent have a couple of 5/10 Taunts with 1 life as opposed to your 8? Elven Archer to the rescue! This actually happened to me 3 times since I’ve played this deck.

But it still sucks in Ranked. However no problems in getting Gold the hard way.


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  1. Actually, it did pretty well in Ranked. I thought it would win 0 games but it did win a few, so I was a bit shocked by it. It won’t get you to Legendary, but you could hit 18 with this deck from scratch 25.

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