Rogue 500 Casual

I got bored of the meta in Ranked Play and decided to play Casual the whole day today. Now taking my ranked deck into Casual was like bringing a bazooka to a pistol shootout, so I made a new deck to have fun with.

It totally tanks in Ranked, but in Casual I managed to get 100 Gold the hard way of winning 30 times with about 10 or so losses, so 75% win rate. Not bad for a farming deck.


It’s a standard tempo deck, distilled to its purest form and given unholy life. To have fun with it, I set myself a budget of 500 Dust so any newbie that has played for a week can craft it and have fun with it.

There’s 5 commons and 3 rares in there, bringing the total up to an even 500. This exercise lets you know what’s the REAL core of the class and what makes it tick. In this case, the core for a tempo Rogue deck is simply:

2x Eviscerate
2x Cold Blood

That’s it. The others are pure gravy. I suppose the Argent Commander and 1 Defender of Argus can be subbed out for a couple of Undercity Hucksters for more variety. But Argent Commander with Cold Blood is just nasty. But the real MVP of the deck is really Shadowstep. Shadowstepping your fat chargers and even Defender of Argus will bring a smile to your face every time.

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