Finally some MSG legendaries…. 

I have opened 30 packs so far. Plus the six packs from quest given from gadgetzan bonus. Opened an Ava from the first and was dry for the next 35 packs… 

Until yesterday. Then again this morning another legendary from one more pack….nice.. Although sucky legendary.

Don Hancho…. 

Madam Goya…..

Specific legend looks like. Looks like my Kazakhs needs to be crafted 

But looks like dry run for another 35-40 packs….. I think I will just craft the important missing legendary… 


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  1. I haven’t bought any MSG packs yet, despite having a ton of gold. Normally I prefer to save up for the Adventure Expansionns, because buyinh all the wings gets you all the cards. Also, since Standard/Wild was introduced, it feels like a waste spending gold of things that will go out of rotation.

    • Well, I would think that if you have access of gold beyond 4k, might as well spend the gold. Only keep 4k to buy adventure, and straight away refill the gold back to 4k after the adventure.

      But then again, i hoard my cards, preferring to have complete playsets of common and rares of every expansion. Only craft epic and legendary as necessary

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