Building on a Basic

I revisited Sheng’s article on basic Rogue Tempo Rogue and started to work from there after suffering innumerable defeats from my last deck. It was fun, but it didn’t win. This one however, didn’t seem like it would hold in the current meta but it did good so far. I’m actually climbing up the ranks instead of free falling into the 20’s and getting stuck there forever:


A bit more resilient, less glass cannon-y. The idea behind the deck is simple: Control the board, beat face with the rest. Taunts will always be your bane so save your spot removals (Sap, Assassinate) for those, get rid of all other threats with direct damage. If your direct damage would win you the game next turn, do it then and don’t waste it.

Also don’t be afraid to call on the murlock and giving your opponent 2 cards. Remember that the cards in your hand is more important as they contain spot removals for you to keep dealing damage.

One of the Assassinate could be changed into Blade Flurry, which is super in late game when you’re surrounded with fatties from an overconfident opponent. If you’re playing this style, keep those Deadly Poisons at all cost.


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  1. The rogue deck I use doesn’t have a great win rate, but is fun to play. It includes Reno, C’Thun and the Old God that brings back deathrattle minions that have previously died.

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