The most fun losing deck I’ve ever played

I created a funny deck out of a whim lately. I can think of a couple of things to really make the deck pop out but I’m too lazy to pursue it at the moment. You can try playing this deck, but be forewarned that you WILL lose with it. But you’ll also have fun with it. At best, you’ll actually win with it. I won with the deck ONCE against a live opponent.

Incidentally it’s the deck I used to get the new back on the latest Tavern Brawl.


A Coldlight everyone draw 2 cards card would be great in here to fuel the reporter. It’s pretty interesting where it is right now because I think it just needs a bit more tweak to make it into a viable deck. One thing I can guarantee is that you’ll always be with a filled hand at any turn and you don’t have to worry about being prudent (well, except you still have to be mindful of board wipes).

The Shadow Strike is not a good replacement for Assassinate, but you won’t feel bad for using it against a 3 health minion. Maybe it needs a couple of Spell Damagers in there somewhere…. hmmm…

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  1. Subbed the Gnomes for Coldlight Oracles. Wow. Now the deck is just being mean.

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