Jade C’thun with knives oh my

Thought I’d try my hand at Jade Rogue. It turned out tougher than I thought because there’s not much Jade cards that can flesh out a Rogue  deck unlike the Druid, which has oodles. So the next best thing would be to include our dear old pal C’thun.


I honestly wouldn’t count C’thun’s Dust cost since he is free and fixed anyway. This deck is prone to misplay. It can deliver, either by mid range beefy Jade Golems or by the Big C him (it?) self. But 1 mis-step can really spell disaster. They key to using this deck is the use of Shadowstep. With it you can:

Draw extra cards

Turbo pump C’thun

Get bigger Jade Golems

Or even discover Legendary-to-crap-tastic cards more

Return a heavily injured minion and re-cast it to full health

Are among some of the juicy uses of that 1 little card. But using it wrongly at the wrong time will spell disaster, as I have experienced many times in the early hours of the New Year. Oh yeah…

Happy New Year everyone!


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