Jaded HS Player… I mean Druid

Post Gadgetzan release, you can see that top tier decks shaping up. Currently at the top tier, seems to be:
Tier 1 – Pirate Warrior (Kaizoku), Aggro Shaman with Weapons.
Tier 2 – Renolock, Dragon Priest, Dragon Warrior, Reno lock/mage, Jade Shaman
There are other decent decks at the other range, but these decks seems to be top tier. I’m still missing a few of the good rares for the top tier… like Kazakus & Kun… heck I dont have Aviana to build that particular deck… Pirate deck I’m only missing a few cards.. Patches being one of them…

But somehow, I stubbornly decided to stick to Jade Druid. It didnt do too well frankly, not bad.. but fail to push me over to rank 10 and above. It’s lacking speed… when you compare with the tier 1 and the annoyingness of Reno decks in terms of long term heal.

I love the druid deck though.. highest jade minion was 16/16. The deck i would say midgame to late game is solid… although a bit lacking on the taunt… which is one of the issue and i think the current rush aggro decks are simply damn fast.

Oh well, I still have fun with the deck, so i play casual more often nowadays compared to ranked. Looks like arena is the best bet until the rotation crops up in April.

Until then, just grind the dailies for the packs. I still dont have a complete playset of cards for any expansions…. thankfully managed to get all common and rares complete playset so far…. so its the epic and legendaries that’s lacking.

Till then.


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