While I’m still getting over drunk Hearthstone (a.k.a latest Mediva Tavern Brawl, no I will not go any further about that travesty), my Rogue decks seem to magically not work anymore. Play fatigue? Boredom? A little bit of the two. Time for a new newbie deck!


Yes, Patches would be lovely here. But we do with what we have. Clocking in at 1040 Dust, this deck can be fun to play. I don’t think it’s as strong as Warrior Pirate, but Abusive Sergeants and Cold Blood does wonders to trip up unsuspecting opponents who underestimated your 1/1 sheep or 0/1 slime with taunt.

I think the only strategy here is don’t go hog wild laying off your hand. You got a few draws but it’s not much. Also watch the timing to play your Bloodsail Raider, which can get obscenely big that your opponent will have no choice but to take care of it. I pulled out a 9/3 Bloodsail once (Buccaneer on the board, double Deadly Poison, Corsair, then Raider) and it was glorious. It can get obscene with Cold Blood, that would’ve made my day.


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