Budget Miracle Rogue v2

Welcome back to a noob’s quest to cheap out a pretty annoying and famous deck type: the Miracle Rogue. Here’s a question: Why have 2 Questing Adventurers when you can have 4?


The Questing Adventurers draw a lot of flak the moment they hit the table, which is not a good feeling since the entire deck seems like it’s investing in it. Enter the Wyrms! The Wyrms aren’t perfect, but they can get fat relatively fast in a spell heavy deck like this one. They’re no substitute for Edwin, but they get the job done in spectacular fashion.

Unlike the previous version, you can go hog wild crazy with this one. Want to use the coin early? Sure, go ahead. There’s more where that came from (well, 1 or 2 more at most, but it’s enough). Valiant on first turn with the coin for an extra ping of damage? Sounds good to me!

It’s even 80 dust cheaper than v1. The Undercity Valiant pulls it’s weight here again. I really need to find a good replacement for it once April hits. Haven’t tried this in Ranking yet. I hope it can at least reach 17 as the Blitz v2 did.


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