Rogue Blitz v2

Worked up a better version of the previous blitz deck. I soon realised that the so-called Rogue ‘blitz’ deck isn’t really that blitzing, it’s just able to win with mostly common cards. Sure, when all the stars align you can win but most of the time you’ll be muscling through like any regular game would.

The deck now includes more beef and 1 panic button in case (and lately, quite often) you are backed to the wall with a host of minions seeking to have you for lunch next turn in late game. That panic button, is Vanish.


This deck is a bit more resilient than the previous version as it can now survive a game that goes on later than turn 7. Even with 18 minions, they’re squishy glass cannons. So you need to be prudent on how many you let on the board and resist the temptation to spam the board, because every deck is going to have a wipe or two and that would really give you a bad day.

Speaking of wipes, Shivs are replacing the Fans because I can use it to the face. I often find myself with 1 troublesome minion and I have a Fan to get rid of it, which is a bit wasteful. In the end, all I wanted was a card so getting every damage to the opponent Hero helps.

With only 12 spells (and definitely don’t want to waste Vanish), you have to be really selective on what threats to remove with them. Remove them with your Hero whenever possible, let your minions live to dish out damage.

The Undercity Valiant will have to be substituted at one point once The Grand Tournament cycles out, but I’ve yet to find anything beefy and anything as efficient as this in the 2 mana bracket.


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