Miracle Rogue My Version

Miracle Rogue decks are one of the more standard decks nowadays, with a lot of variations to run it. While I don’t have any of the top cards some decks are using, I got enough to make my own Miracle Rogue deck. What is the Miracle Rogue deck anyway? It’s basically firing off combos by playing 0 cost cards and beefing up Questing Adventurer to ridiculous levels.

My Miracle (1440):

Backstab(0) x2
Counterfeit Coin(0) x2
Shadowstep(0) x2
Cold Blood(1) x2
Goldshire Footmen(1) x2
Small-Time Buccaneer(1) x2
Cutpurse(2) x2
Eviscerate(2) x2
Novice Engineer(2) x2
Sap(2) x2
Fan of Knives(3) x2
Questing Adventurer(3) x2
SI:7 Agent(3) x2
Sen’jin Shieldmasta(4) x2
Azure Drake(5) x2

Overall a decent costed deck that does pretty well, even when you have a slow start. Beware the temptation of playing the Goldshire Footmen too early, as the will surely die shortly after. The only reason they are there is to protect the Questing Adventurer or the Cutpurse at the same turn they come in. They’re crucial to the deck and they’re really squishy when they first get on the board.

You can spam Shadowstep on anything you want, but I really like doing it to the Novice Engineer so I can fish out the Questing Adventurer or the Curpurse early. Double Agent drops are great to handling those pesky 4 toughness minions.

Also when you’re going second, resist the temptation to use the Coin on turn 1 unless you’re being blitzed by a minion that can grow bigger and you have Eviscerate in hand to deal with it permanently. Use the Coin to drop the Azure Drake early by a turn.

Addendum: Maybe subbing out the Goldshire Footmen with Conceal would make a stronger deck while still maintaining the budget pricing. Trying to cram in a couple of Shiv in there as well for more card draw.

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  1. I have been crushed many times by the draw power of Miracle Rogue. Can’t say that I have ever seen one that uses Goldshire Footmen though.

  2. Neither have I. It’s on a shoestring budget after all. I found the little dude works to mitigate damage in a pinch, where Conceal really just gives your opponent the opportunity to face you really bad. But I’ve been rotating between this and Conceal from time to time.

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