Having fun with blitzes

Been hooked on Hearthstone lately. I’m just a beginner in the game, but I’m having a LOT of fun playing blitz decks because of the simplicity and getting the kicks out of pulling off combos. I’m focusing on two classes: Rogue and Hunter. Incidentally, the Hunter makes a better blitz hero out of the 2. So here are the two decks I’ve been having fun with:

Rogue Goes Pop (960):

Backstab (0) x2
Counterfeit Coin (0) x1
Shadowstep (0) x2
Abusive Sergeant (1) x2
Bladed Cultist (1) x2
Buccaneer (1) x1
Cold Blood (1) x2
Leper Gnome (1) x1
Small-Time Buccaneer (1) x1
Eviscerate (2) x2
Loot Hoarder (2) x2
Novice Engineer (2) x2
Sap (2) x2
Shiv (2) x2
SI:7 Agent (3) x2
Wolfrider (3) x2
Gnomish Inventor (4) x2

Super cheap deck. You should be able to craft it after you first unlock Tavern Brawl. I’m not really sure what’s the optimum play, but the DREAM play for this is:
Drop Wolfrider and attack, hit it with Shadowstep twice and do it again. On the last drop, before attacking, drop in a couple of Cold Blood to seal the deal. Theoretical damage in a turn with Taunters or Traps getting in your way: 17. Fastest turn you can theoretically drop this combo is in Turn 5, where you need:

1x Coin, 1x Wolfrider, 2x Cold Blood, 2x Shadowstep

Granted I’ve never pulled this off yet but it’ll be fun if it does happen.

How to play the deck? Hit everything you got in the face, save your removals and damage for Taunters that get in your way. Sounds simple enough? The big downside to this deck is that it would die horribly to Mage and Warrior and other anti rush decks out there.

Now for the hunter:

Small Game Hunter(580):

Abusive Sergeant (1) x2
Alleycat (1) x2
Arcane Shot (1) x2
Brave Archer (1) x2
Elven Archer (1) x1
Hunter’s Mark (1) x2
Smuggler’s Crate (1) x1
Stonetusk Boar (1) x2
Timber Wolf (1) x1
Tracking (1) x2
Bloodfen Raptor (2) x1
Dire Wolf Alpha (2) x2
Explosive Trap (2) x1
Grimestreet Informant (2) x1
Novice Engineer (2) x2
Animal Companion (3) x2
Kill Command (3) x2
Wolfrider (3) x2

Where to start? This deck is even more of a beater than the Rogue one. Played correctly, your weaker willed opponent will concede to you on turn 4. Played well, you can win between turn 4-6. If you reach turn 8, something went horribly wrong and you will lose. It’s that sort of deck. The damage output of this deck is pretty neat for a bunch of commons.

Like all blitz deck, the trick is to realise when is the time to trade minions and when to hit straight to the face. Your hand will run out fast, hence why the Mirida’s are there.


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