Tavern Brawl – ‘Idols of Azeroth’ – (21 July 2016)

Ever draw a spell when you really needed a minion? Never again! Your deck will be 30 Raven Idols, so you’ll be able to discover whatever you need!

* Wild Format

* Mana starts at 1

* Deck is full 30 cards of a copy of Raven Idol


Rewards : Tavern’s Brawl first win a Classics pack as reward!



Personal Findings based on own games

* The games are slow. Seriously. Takes even the quickest games at least 10 minutes. This is due mainly to cast and idol, choose a spell or minion, and spend a bit time to decide which spell/minion out of the 3 cards. So the games drag. Really.

* What you get is of course random, but you may interchange with getting what spell/minion you want. So there is a strategy of what you want and need, but all else fails, getting minions tends to be better in most cases…unless you’re mage and your spells are all the lovely burnination spells… then yes.. spell all the way.

* I always go for spell and minion alternatively in the beginning, and taper off to more minions unless you get some solid cards… then get more spells.

* Due to the lengthy games of the brawl, I decide to tap out of the brawl. While an interesting concept, the pace is slow due to the decision making.


All in all another random tavern brawl as always…



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