HS – Tavern Brawl Shiftcon (30th June 2016)

Tavern Brawl – Shiftcon (30th June 2016)

Swap stories with fellow shifters at the tavern’s Shift Convention! Choose a class. We’ll fill your deck with Shifters and spells!


  • Wild format
  • Starts with 3 mana
  • Choose one class, they will add 5-10 (estimate) your class random spells to your deck and the rest filled with Shifter Zerus


Personal Findings based on own games

  • Found many good combos to play next turn, only to realise that combo no longer there as Shifter Zerus changed to another dude.
  • There was a game where I pull off 3 Kel’thuzad. Needless to say that opponent got very annoyed and conceded.
  • Spell “Mindgames” is useless as the only minion in opponent deck is a Zerus. So you copy from his deck and put into battlefield… For 4 mana get a 1/1…. urgh.
  • Giant Sand Worm is the bomb. When opponent have minions with low attack, you generally can clear board on that turn.
  • RNG can really screw you over, had a match where opponent get bombs and i get small normal common minions. FML.
  • Any effect that refer to higher cost minion in deck versus the opponent will fail as both will be Zerus. Unless they pull their class card.
  • It’s good to hear Leeroy Jenkins battlecry again. J
  • If you’re a mage and you got Acidmaw, more power to you.
  • Most people play this and quit, but I just take the opportunity to raise up my son’s account level to all class level 10.
  • Plus side, every 3 wins is 10 gold coins…. No loss there..

All in all another random tavern brawl as always…


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