Exiting Orbit 2015

L5R is dead … for at least 2 years.
For those who didn’t know, L5R under AEG has folded. They have sold the entire creative license to FFG for the entirety of L5R. So the current L5R is dead. The last expansion was released, Evil Portents was let go to shops for free. As no company really wants to buy any product for a game life expectancy of zero. However, since the product was already printed, they just charge the shipping for the items. .

So what to do with the existing product at shops? Frankly no idea. Some of us here have been trying to get some sort value out of it. ;

Among the ideas was to run more draft tournaments. Or even, screw the standard and go back to a more viable format for all. Modern Highlander. While modern covers further back, the local players here have suggested to only include sets not too far back, using only Celestial edition onwards. And being highlander, there should be enough cards in the pool for people to share a bit and build decent decks. And there is enough cards in the community pool to make a decent deck with Celestial, Emperor, Ivory edition.

Since I’m on hiatus, it looks like my L5R hiatus is now permanent. Somewhat I’m ok with that. At least until 2017, the game will be kept alive by others. Post-2017, we will see if FFG screw it up or bring a new fresh perspective. More importantly, that brings in fresh new players. A new generation of L5R players. And being a vet like me…. for the love of the game in AEG’s form.. I really hope not. If FFG changes it too much… I might not return. If it still retains some of the current charm and yet brings a fresh new game, I might just return. A wait and see scenario indeed.

No gaming on card and board games except that I got myself a copy of A Game of Thrones 2.0. The game looks a lot cleaner. It’s also obvious from the..1x core is not enough. Need to get 3x core to be competitive. I will grab the balance of the cores needed in a month or two as I would like to observe the local community support for this game first before deciding anything.

Till then, adios.

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