Age of Sigmar Tourney

Age of Sigmar was sure a piece of work. It seemed as if GW turned the entire wargaming world upside down and sparked a lot of buzz from all over the gaming world. This does make tournaments a fair bit tricky to run however, since there are no points system to regulate balance between players. Since then, comped rules have been popping out, with the Azyr Comp being the most talked about so far. But simpler guidelines such as limiting army size by number of wounds have emerged but, let’s face it, it wasn’t really all that fair with named characters sharing the same wounds as generic Lords and with obviously more special rules to make them stand out.

So the obvious answer is of course, the scenarios. Which detail out what troop type each side will bring. Which is neat. In fact if a tourney were to be run, they MUST be run from scenarios (of which 40 is supplied in the big book) which could be an interesting way to run things.

I’m about to go on my first AoS game AND tourney and I can’t wait. The loose rule is that it’ll be capped at 50 wounds, so that’s not really a lot to play with. With a really tight limit, the best you can do is go for a common theme that you know you can do well. Here’s my take:

Lord on Griffon

10x Dragon Princes of Caledor

10x Ellyrian Reavers

That’s it. Griffon Lord allows rerolling charge and the others are cavalry. The Reavers are stupid awesome with their bows that almost ensures they’ll be firing 3 attacks each in the Shooting Phase.

But that’s not really what I did. Nope. I have a dragon and I’m not afraid to use it:

Prince on Dragon, armed with Lance and War Horn.
9x Dragon Princes
9x Ellyrian Reavers

Packs a bit less punch troop wise and may be a bit slower. But the “Feat” will hopefully bring a full big unit to a pulp. Hopefully. Plus the Prince is no slouch in combat either.


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