Back to Immoren in full metal

Left Warmachine a good while back, the bug seem to have bit again. Haven’t really bought any new models during my absence from the game, but I did rediscover the box with all my models kind of recently and did the one thing that I could do to keep my army fresh without spending any big amounts of cash:

I repainted my Khador army…

And slightly modded them…

Into Cygnar.

Brought it to my LGS during the Reckoning release event and it certainly invited verbal reactions from other players 😛

I’ll post a pic of my new army when I can get a decent picture out.

What I did was mod both e and p Sorscha into a more battle wearied version of Allison Jakes. Also sculpted cowboy hats on a couple of widowmakers and changed every jack head into Cygnar jack heads, courtesy of Grind. It was certainly an uplifting experience and got me in the groove again.

More importantly, I played with a jack heavy list out of eSorscha (or Capt. Allison Jakes) and was surprised that it could work. The key thing is not to allocate focus to all your jacks if you can, but to allocate them if you need to use them during that turn. Also, another way to field lots of jacks under a caster that’s not known to be able to do so is to field focus efficient jacks. Jacks like the Devastator, Marauder, Destroyer, Beast-09, and the Berserker. These jacks need little focus to run them to their optimum and they work just fine on their own.

1 focus hog jack (like the Juggernaut, Demolisher, Spriggan, Behemoth) is usually enough to fit whatever focus diet you’re on. Even better if you’re running your group with casters that have widespread spells or feats like pVlad with Signs and Portents and Karchev’s Unearthly Rage.

This is the 35 points that I’m playing with nowadays:

Koldun Lord
Dirty Meg

There are other variations that I’m dying to try out, especially after I fount out that Juggernaut, Marauder and Berserker make a really good 15 point base to build upon. More on those later as I play more games and repaint more of my jacks.

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