June.. another time flies post.

This blog has been a rather once in a blue moon of late.

My gaming has mostly shifted platform to console gaming I would think. Some of them still maintains ccg/miniature gaming.. but me? Mostly console.

Yes, I’m still on Destiny. The group is still there… so I maintain playing because of the gang. Decent folks, so it’s quite fun to hang out and chat after a long day at work. Would be nicer if I could head out for a drink and all, but having kids at home makes taht difficult. (Not just me, some of the guys have kids too).

House of Wolves have been somewhat boring for me. I never really got much into PVP, so trials of osiris never had much pull for me. Prison of Elders is a mixed bag. In the end, I only do PoE 32 & 24 every week for every toon, since get armor/weapon core and also Ehteric Lights. PoE 35 is just too time consuming and a pain in the arse for me… so it’s a no go.

Having seen the selection of weapons for House of Wolves… Only trails of osiris is nice, due to Elements primary… but other than that… nothing much to look forward to. I just decided to get more ehteric to upgrade my raid weapons… like Fatebringer, Found Verdict, Preadyth’s Revenge and Hunger of Crota.

Most of the queen’s weapons suck mainly.. so i just keep one each for now… the only good thing about them is that you may reforging whenever you like.

Crucible is also broken. Only a few weapons dominate the game.. so the rest are mostly unusable… so no point trying to raise the other waepons… everywhere you see.. Thorn THorn Thorn… that gun should be nerfed if only to allow more variety of waepons in the environment.

Other games that i do run now is Witcher3… which is fantastic, but solo game.. and also Dragon Age Inquisition.. both multiplayer and solo….


I got into Doomtown a bit the other day. I like the fast paced game, poker aspects and also deck building the game is awesome. It’s very versatile in a way due to the requirement of cards being unique once in play for each side. So that means you dont to stack the holding/peep/weapons 4x of cards… since they are dead cards in play if you already have a copy… worst yet, if that dude gets aced, then you can no longer bring any more new copies into play….. GG.

Its overdue, but i should write a bit about doomtown … maybe another post.


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