The Sons of Caledor’s Final Recruit

I decided not to buy any more Warhammer Fantasy models. My High Elf army has reached 2500 points, and that, I feel… is that. Sure, it’s not the best group of models out there and I can’t even use everything in a 2500 list (which was my initial goal but I overshot by buying 1 extra unit box). So with a surplus of 2 Heroes/Lords on Griffons, 2 Mages and the Loremaster of Hoeth, this is the final list I came up with to at least look cool on the table:

(psst… it has dragons!)


Prince General, riding a Star Dragon, wearing Dragon Armour and Enchanted Shield, wielding a Biting Blade: 565 points.

Noble Battle Standard Bearer, wearing Dragon Armour and Shield of the Merwyrm, wielding a longbow and Luckstone: 130 points.

Dragon Mage of Caledor, riding a Sun Dragon and carrying a Dispel Scroll: 375 points.

35 Lothern Sea Guards with added shields, full command complement: 450

10 Ellyrian Reavers, with added bows, full command complement: 220

20 Swordmasters of Hoeth, with full command complement: 290

10 Dragon Princes of Caledor, with full command complement: 320

10 Sisters of Avelorn with High Sister: 150

Total: 2500 on the dot.

I have to be honest with you, the General is not the best equipped as he should’ve been. In fact, why his total equipment only comes up to 35 points is because he’s just the delivery system to get the Star Dragon down right and nasty with an infantry block. Same deal with the Dragon Mage. The magic is just bonus, really.

I’m putting the Reavers as a single block instead of traditionally splitting them up into 2 smaller harassment units for 3 reasons:

1. In Blood and Glory, I know there’s a mobile unit with a standard still running around and denying points to the enemy.

2. A 10 man spear charge can be delightful.

3. They don’t panic when 2 of them die for whatever reason.

Same deal with the Dragon Princes. Thanks to the addition of the standard bearer and musician, they can dish out a lot more hurt on the charge then they would have in smaller units of 5.

The BSB is also better protected for fewer points compared to my previous versions of the list. Granted, it doesn’t protect against everything well, but it’s enough.

I played this list once and it has the trouble of covering ground due to the shrinking number of units. I spread it out a bit too much last time but I couldn’t help but wonder if a more compact and dedicated formation would be better for the army.

The only parts that can switch around between lists is the Lords and Heroes category. It’s impossible to add in more to the core army numbers because that would involve buying more models. As it is, it looks pretty decent and neat. Enough to hold my ground at least till 9th Ed shows up.


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