Happy Speedy New Year!

I have not been writing in for a long time. Lots of real life events got in the way and not much happened on the cool factor on my end.

Anyway, to start off the year, I got a box of Cerci models from Relic Knights. The ones in the box are not in the starter (not even one model). what I got is Malya, Suicide Queen, Rin, 2 Pacers and 4 Hell’s Belles. In a way it’s cool that the models I have do not coincide with the starter box, so it means that it’s still a worthwhile purchase for me.

The models are a pain to clean. I really hate the plastic that they chose for it. I’m also painting some Corsair models so I can make a direct comparison. Within the faction, the scale seems pretty okay. But it goes out of whack when you compare them cross faction. The sculpt quality also varies. The sculpts from Cerci is consistent and looks good, no complaints there. But the Corsairs are a mixed bunch. Some are awesome, others are like poor Captain Harker (sigh).

I haven’t had a game yet but reading the rules and trying out the deck the game seems pretty nifty.

If only the models didn’t take so much work to get it to a presentable painting ready state, I would’ve bought more of it. As it is, I’m pretty happy with what I got from Cerci. Sure, it’s limited compared to what other players have, but I think I’ll enjoy the quirky play I’ll get out of it.



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