[The New Order] Phoenix Clan Public Letters

Public Letter

For the Great Clans of Rokugan,

I write this letter to you on behalf of the Elemental Council. They wish for me, as the voice of
the Phoenix, to deliver to you directly their opinion on a number of matters currently concerning
our beloved Empire.

There is much talk of the Divine Empress Iweko I and her two sons regarding who should ascend to take her place when she decides to step down from the throne. The Phoenix believe that tradition is what holds the Empire together. Our Empire was founded on traditions, and we have followed those traditions for over a thousand years. While the Phoenix would never wish to imply anything but respect for Iweko Shibatsu, the clan believes that moving forward into the future, especially with many of the recent events that have happened in both Rokugan and the Colonies, that tradition will be our anchor in an ever-changing and new world.

The Phoenix believe that Iweko Seikan has both a strong understanding of the traditions of Rokugan’s past, and has demonstrated his ability to muster forces in order to maintain the balance and traditions of our Empire when need be. It is clear that moving ahead, when our Divine Empress decides to cede the Throne, the eldest son should take it.

The Phoenix also believe that Seikan-sama, because of the principles and ideals he holds in high regard, would agree with the Elemental Council’s assessment about the purity of a soul and will best understand how to keep Rokugan a strong empire in light of these new discoveries. The Phoenix Clan respects all samurai, no matter their birth, but also understand that certain people, born of lineages that have mingled with those from outside the Empire, may be in need of special guidance and assistance as new threats to both the bodies and minds of samurai come to light.

We never know what the unknown holds for our dear and beloved Empire, and the Phoenix will serve as the pillars to guide those who may be more susceptible to outside influences and corruption. We will guide those who lose their way, just as we will guide the Empire, with Seikan-sama as our Emperor when that time times. The Phoenix will be on the front lines to ensure the spiritual purity of the Empire’s people, and will not shy away from doing whatever is necessary to ensure a spiritually and theologically safe Empire in the months and years to come.

The Phoenix ask that you stand with and support the Clan in this brave new and unknown world.

Shiba Tsukimi

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